Best of luck to Pointe on Rio residents

As reported in the most recent Daily Texan article regarding Pointe on Rio’s status, the apartment complex “delayed its move-in day for the fourth time [Jan. 14], forcing would-be residents to move in five months after the originally anticipated date in mid-August. In an email sent to leaseholders, managers said the building will now open [Saturday], four days after the beginning of the spring semester.

The management of the complex has been notoriously difficult in this time of uncertainty. Despite clear signs that the building could not be finished by the originally proposed deadline, the owners soldiered on in dunderheaded obstinacy and assured everyone that there was no reason to fear.

Besides the painfully obvious — that leaseholders have gone an entire school semester without being in their intended place of residence, when (knock on wood) residents are able to finally move in, the move-in process will most likely be hectic, as it is with any large West Campus apartment. Regardless of whatever move-in schedule Pointe establishes, the combination of angry residents, large furniture and limited elevators is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

This is not the end of Pointe’s problems, but instead, the beginning. Surely paying back Dobie for providing temporary housing to Pointe residents and keeping construction workers on their payroll is not cheap. If the five months of delays, confusion and miscommunications say anything about the management style of Pointe on Rio, the upcoming months look bleak.

For those looking to get out of their leases with Pointe, a $500 fee is required. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, or rather, homelessness and Dobie, peeved residents might be forced to keep their leases, prompting more resentment toward Pointe. For the time being, though, everyone will wait to see if the fourth time really is the charm.