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October 4, 2022

Four best SXSW Startup Village events for student entrepreneurs

Victoria Smith

If you’re a student entrepreneur and it’s your first time going to South By Southwest Interactive, deciding where to go and with whom to awkwardly network can be challenging. The Daily Texan combed through hundreds of events and opportunities and compiled a list of the best SXSW Startup Village events to attend if you’re interested in starting a business. Good luck, you go-getter, you.

Launched From a Dorm Room

When people talk about young startups, a few famous CEOs — Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Michael Dell — are bound to come up in the conversation. The one thing they all have in common: They are college dropouts. Student entrepreneurs from Yale will give advice about balancing school with managing a business and discuss how going to college while developing a startup can be both overwhelming and advantageous. The lecture will cover what it takes to create a successful startup and whether dropping out is some sort of prerequisite. The presentation takes place Friday.

Young Millennials: Entrepreneurship for a New Era 

Maybe you have an amazing idea that could revolutionize the tech industry, but you don’t know how to convince financial backers of its potential. This session will prepare young entrepreneurs for the business industry by teaching techniques for getting big investors on board with newer startups. 

Take these strategies back home with you, and maybe you’ll have luck convincing some future financial investor. Better yet, use your networking skills wisely and meet a seasoned business leader during the session. The presentation takes place Saturday.

How Universities Can Create More Startups

Whether you’re a Longhorn or an Aggie, encouraging your university to engage with student-led business ventures is a way to get yourself a successful platform for entrepreneurial growth and innovation. Alumni of the NYU Summer Launchpad, a 10-week summer program, will share their experiences in the program and explain how it prepared them for the positions they are in today. 

The NYU program seeks to help students launch their own startups by providing business and creative support. A presentation about the program will take place Sunday.

Longhorn Startup Showcase

Do you like competition? Check out Longhorn Startup Showcase, in which UT students pitch their business ideas in front of a panel of judges who could potentially fund their proposals. The panel will select five finalists, and the competition culminates with an intense Q&A session between the students and the judges. 

If you decide to participate next year, the publicity alone could connect you with someone interested in investing. The presentation takes place Monday.

Having a game plan in place before heading to SXSW Interactive distinguishes you from other first-timers. Attending these events could potentially be the gateway to meeting the right person, sparking a groundbreaking idea or encountering your next business partner. Tread with confidence because now you know where you’re headed. 

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Four best SXSW Startup Village events for student entrepreneurs