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UTPD uses Find My iPhone app to track down stolen devices

Katie Keenan October 31, 2016

Tracking down stolen electronic devices is becoming easier thanks to software such as Find My iPhone, which assists the University of Texas Police Department with recovering stolen property. “We’ve...


It’s not over yet: Downtown streets remain closed off on Halloween

Katie Keenan October 31, 2016

The Austin Police Department will shut down traffic in the downtown area on Halloween night starting at 6 p.m., although large crowds aren’t expected to show considering the holiday falls on a Monday,...


University weighs pros, cons of current sexual assault reporting system against Callisto program

Katie Keenan October 25, 2016

The University is at a turning point in regards to sexual assault reporting, with discussions underway surrounding a new software called Callisto that would work alongside existing forms of reporting sexual...


Fulfill Texas, Office of the Dean of Students work together to establish campus food pantry

Katie Keenan October 24, 2016

Fulfill Texas, a student organization committed to alleviating food insecurity on campus, is spearheading the formation of a campus food pantry that would provide non-perishable food items to UT students.  Fulfill...

crime map WEB

UTPD crime report shows campus crime hotspots, areas to be aware of

Katie Keenan October 24, 2016

Crime on campus is generally low; however, issues such as drug abuse and theft continue to persist, with theft being the most common campus crime at 261 incidents reported so far this year, according to...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

Clery report statistics possibly over-reported for 2014, says University Compliance Services

Katie Keenan October 20, 2016

Clery report statistics related to non-campus, university-owned or affiliated buildings and property may have been inflated for 2014, according to Clery program manager Roxanne King.  The...

sex assault

University considers new sexual assault reporting software

Katie Keenan October 18, 2016

Last summer, UT alumna Tara DeMarco called on the University to implement a new sexual assault reporting system called Callisto, which has since been under consideration by UT’s administration and...


Homeless population addressed as West Campus church, UT parent organization work together

Katie Keenan October 17, 2016

The dialogue surrounding safety within the UT community has reached new levels of intensity regarding different approaches to student safety and the nearby homeless population. Instances of drug...

crime info

Drop in reported crimes on campus, per Clery crime report

Katie Keenan October 14, 2016

Reported crimes in multiple categories have steadily decreased in the last three years at UT, according to the 2016 Clery Annual Security and Fire Safety Report released by the University over a week ago....


SURE Walk provides safe solution to stalking in college

Katie Keenan October 7, 2016

UT students walk alone all the time, whether it’s to and from class, visiting a friend at their dorm or heading to a party in west campus. Programs such as SURE Walk aim to address the dangers associated...


Social media connects students, law enforcement

Katie Keenan and Will Clark October 4, 2016

As nutrition senior Lauren Sergeant walked around campus last Monday, she noticed street lights near Speedway were out and tweeted at UTPD. An hour later, after a series of phone calls and a quick tweet...

wampus--riverside info_WEB

Riverside zipcode hosts highest number of crimes in all of Austin for 2015, APD report says

Katie Keenan October 3, 2016

The Riverside zip code, which borders Town Lake and runs from Congress Avenue to Ben White Boulevard, was the most crime-ridden area out of all Austin zip codes last year, totaling nearly 10,000 incidents...

K2 stats_WEB

APD officers investigate sources of August K2 outbreak in Austin

Katie Keenan October 3, 2016

Synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 or spice, soared in popularity in 2013 because of its over-the-counter accessibility and drastically low price compared to other drugs.  After state legislation...


APD enforces hands-free driving ordinance

Katie Keenan September 29, 2016

In a caravan of 20 motorcycles, ten patrols and a Capital Metro bus, Austin Police Department officers took to Research Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon to enforce a hands-free city ordinance, which prohibits...


UTPD, APD explain jurisdiction borders

Katie Keenan September 27, 2016

If something happens to a student, the question of whether they should report the incident to UTPD or APD to handle it is sometimes unclear. UTPD Capt. Gonzalo Gonzales, UTPD Detective Samantha Carter...

Activists gather to address additional funds for Travis County Jail

Katie Keenan September 27, 2016

Criminal justice advocates gathered Friday at the Travis County Commissioner’s Court to call on officials to scale back the $2.4 million in funding allotted to hiring 36 additional correctional officers...


Politicians, researchers, Austin police chief discuss diversity and the law at Texas Tribune Festival panel

Katie Keenan September 26, 2016

A panel at the Texas Tribune Festival Saturday aimed to address strife between communities of color in America and law enforcement officers by gathering political representatives, researchers and police...


Panelists at Texas Tribune Festival discuss the rise of Donald Trump

Van Nguyen and Katie Keenan September 26, 2016

Republican campaign strategists and political pundits gathered over the weekend at the Texas Tribune Festival to discuss the reckoning force with which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bulldozed...


Texas Tribune Festival: Panelists examine grassroots appeal of GOP’s presidential nominee

Katie Keenan September 24, 2016

The road to winning the Republican Party’s nomination for president began on a steep incline – 17 candidates vied for the same single position, one that was filled in July by none other than...


Texas Tribune Festival: Diversity & The Law Panel hones in on challenges between law enforcement and communities of color

Katie Keenan September 24, 2016

This year has been filled with debate surrounding racism and police brutality, with the recent shootings of unarmed black men Keith Scott of Charlotte, N.C. and Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Okla. igniting...


APD examines possible decline in West Campus rapes

Katie Keenan September 22, 2016

The amount of reported rapes in the West Campus area decreased from 33 in 2014 to 13 in 2015, according to crime reports released by the Austin Police Department.  Rapes between these years...


Man identified in assault by contact of two women on campus

Katie Keenan September 20, 2016

Ellis Harold Henderson, 28, was arrested Thursday night near Robert Dedman Drive and 20th Street on charges of assault by contact, aggravated robbery, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance...


UT Police preparing to initiate Text-to-911 program

Katie Keenan September 19, 2016

The UT Police Department plans to install a new 911 communication option called “Text-to-911” by the end of the fall semester.  The technology initiates a text message-like conversation...


K2 moves out of West Campus, other drugs find way in

Katie Keenan September 19, 2016

Synthetic marijuana is a drug that has plagued West Campus for the past two years with at least one case every day being responded to by the Austin and UT Police Departments in 2014 and 2015, according...


Increase in UTPD officers will take time

Katie Keenan September 15, 2016

University President Gregory Fenves echoed strong support in his state of the University address Tuesday that more UT Police Department officers be added to the police force on campus, a suggestion from...


UTPD sends statement addressing reports of harassment and assaults near campus

Katie Keenan September 15, 2016

The UT Police Department issued a statement through the Campus Watch Wednesday morning addressing the influx of reports on social media of non-UT affiliated individuals harassing or assaulting UT students near...


Off-campus housing safety a community concern, says UTPD

Katie Keenan September 15, 2016

Dialogue concerning off-campus housing security has increased following the Sigma Chi shooting Sunday morning, in addition to burglaries at Dobie Twenty21 and other apartment complexes in the West Campus...


Two students assaulted on campus near stadium

Katie Keenan September 14, 2016

Two UT students were assaulted on campus Monday between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. while walking near Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on the 2200 block of Robert Dedman Drive.  One of the victims...


Employees on Guadalupe say incidents regarding homeless population have decreased

Katie Keenan September 13, 2016

Despite an increase in Austin’s homeless population, there have been fewer conflicts with the demographic near campus, according to employees of businesses along Guadalupe Street. “Last...


Suspect arrested in connection with Sigma Chi shooting charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

Katie Keenan September 12, 2016

Daniel Hamilton Magee, 18, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after witnesses said he shot security guard Edward Earls at the Sigma Chi fraternity house at 2107 Nueces Street...


UT Citizen Police Academy educates students, faculty on personal protection

Katie Keenan September 8, 2016

The UT Citizen Police Academy, a program that recruits students and faculty for a semester-long training in police work, marks its 10th anniversary with the beginning of a weekly series of three-hour classes...

rape inforgraphic_MeganMcFarren

Department of Education data shows UT had highest number of incidents of rape in 2014

Katie Keenan September 6, 2016

Seventeen rapes were reported on campus in 2014, with 13 of the cases taking place in on-campus housing facilities, according to the most up-to-date data released by the U.S. Department of Education.  With...


New app streamlines emergency contacts

Katie Keenan September 1, 2016

Instead of relying on student programs, 911 or law enforcement, UT students in dangerous situations can now send an emergency alert to a group of 10 friends through an app called Guardian Circle.  In...


UT implements new safety policies following DPS review

Katie Keenan September 1, 2016

UT President Gregory Fenves emailed the University community Wednesday afternoon about the Department of Public Safety’s completed campus safety evaluation. In his email, Fenves highlighted several...


K2 takes Austin by storm with more than 90 hospitalizations

Katie Keenan August 30, 2016

More than 90 people have been hospitalized in the span of a week as the number of K2 incidents increases in downtown Austin. K2, also known as spice, is a type of synthetic marijuana that has potentially...


Increased number of indecent exposure incidents seen in West Campus

Katie Keenan August 30, 2016

Since the summer, there has been an increased number of incidents of indecent exposure in surrounding campus areas. UT students have taken to social media to express their frustration with the...


UTPD launches Be Safe campaign, reaches out to students

Katie Keenan August 22, 2016

UTPD launched its Be Safe campaign Friday while awaiting the release of the Department of Public Safety’s security assessment that began months ago in the wake of freshman Haruka Weiser’s murder....


Report suggests shift of financial aid focus

Katie Keenan May 7, 2015

The Education Commission of the States (ECS) is calling on government officials and policy-makers to adjust their college financial aid focus from being institution-centered to student-centered, according...


More Americans satisfied with current gas prices, UT poll says

Katie Keenan May 5, 2015

An increasing number of Americans believe the current gasoline prices, which range from $1.93 to $3.29 per gallon nationally, are relatively reasonable, according to the UT Energy Poll released Wednesday.  In...


Nepali Students Association holds vigil for victims of earthquake

Katie Keenan April 30, 2015

The Nepali Students Association held a vigil Wednesday night at Gregory Plaza to express solidarity with those suffering in Nepal after the recent earthquake.  Students gathered to remember the...


UT professors accepted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Katie Keenan April 29, 2015

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the oldest U.S. honor societies and policy research centers, accepted two UT professors and researchers as members last week. Veteran members...


Professor: Self-driving cars no longer unrealistic

Katie Keenan April 21, 2015

The prospect of self-driving cars is no longer an unattainable myth. According to a UT researcher, the once-deemed-unrealistic idea is now closer to being a present-day transportation option.  The...

School of Social Work partners with McAllen ISD to help students

Katie Keenan April 15, 2015

UT President William Powers Jr. met with McAllen ISD Superintendent James Ponce to announce a partnership between both educational institutions last Thursday.  The partnership, which involves...


Aborigine writers face erasure in Australian literature, according to Australian publisher

Katie Keenan April 7, 2015

Indigenous Australian writers are consistently overlooked and having their identities erased by the non-indigenous majority, according to the founder of an Australian publishing house. Sue Abbey founded...


Panel: Social media helps spread awareness, ideas during revolutions

Katie Keenan April 3, 2015

Social media has increased global awareness of revolutions and made the expression and spread of ideas easier, according to a panel of social media experts.  A group of experts spoke on campus...


Sol Design Lab seeks to create energy-logging software for UT solar stations

Katie Keenan March 31, 2015

Students may soon have a website to learn about how much energy the solar charging stations on campus produce, store and distribute. Sol Design Lab, which works to design energy-efficient products,...

2015-03_31_George P

George P. Bush awarded inaugural Latino Leadership Award

Jackie Wang and Katie Keenan March 31, 2015

UT President Bill Powers presented land commissioner George P. Bush the inaugural Latino Leadership Award on Monday evening. The president’s office worked in conjunction with the Center of Mexican...


Texas Tricking combines mixed martial arts, breakdancing

Katie Keenan March 30, 2015

Some people like to break-dance. Others practice martial arts. Texas Tricking members practice both — at the same time. Tricking, a new kind of sport that combines dance with capoeira, muay-thai...


New York designer seeks to reconnect with his Austin home

Katie Keenan March 25, 2015

Illustrator and branding designer Greg Foley has worked with Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Warner Bros. His next venture: student mentor.  When Foley isn’t working with designer brands,...


Four best SXSW Startup Village events for student entrepreneurs

Katie Keenan March 13, 2015

If you’re a student entrepreneur and it’s your first time going to South By Southwest Interactive, deciding where to go and with whom to awkwardly network can be challenging. The Daily Texan...


JamFeed app aims to connect users with music-related news

Katie Keenan March 10, 2015

Your favorite artist tweets a little tidbit about a highly anticipated album or single. Your heart starts beating rapidly as you scramble to find any information about this potentially life-changing musical...


‘Blackademics TV’ explores black society

Katie Keenan February 26, 2015

TEDxAustin was nearly everything Kevin Foster, associate professor of African and African diaspora studies, expected it to be — informative, thought-provoking and intriguing. The only problem: Nearly...


UT sophomore climbs theater ranks with support of cast and crew

Katie Keenan February 18, 2015

Undergraduate studies sophomore Robert Blum ended his first semester at UT on academic probation, with a 2.0 grade point average and a litany of doubts about his academic future. Without his friends from...


UT engineering students to compete in BP national competition

Katie Keenan February 3, 2015

Team Roden Analytics, a group of engineering students interested in entrepreneurship, is a competing finalist in the global British Petroleum Ultimate Field Trip competition in Houston in April.  BP...

UT researchers conclude black hole caused star to explode

Katie Keenan January 29, 2015

Six years ago, UT researchers witnessed an exploding star that they now believe was ripped apart by a black hole after further analysis.  A small Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment...

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