Open carry bill delayed in House because of technical error

Eleanor Dearman

The Texas House’s open carry bill, originally scheduled for a review on the House floor Tuesday, was delayed in the Senate because of a technical error.

The bill, which Rep. Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) proposed, would allow licensed handgun carriers to openly carry handguns in a belt or shoulder holster. The bill initially passed through House Homeland Security and Public Safety committee last month with a 7–2 vote.

According to several reports, Rep. Trey Martinez Fisher (D-San Antonio) brought the point of order to the attention of the House before the discussion’s start, citing technical errors in how committee testimonies were recorded.

The bill quickly passed back in and out of committee Tuesday, but it is not clear when the full House will hear HB 910 because of the delay.

The Senate approved its version of the policy in March.