Spiderhouse mural concerns reader

What’s up with the obscene art that you just plastered on the side of your building?  Did you notice that there’s a cow with breasts?  It’s kind of offensive to humans. The cow in a bikini or a bra or whatever it is should be removed immediately. Did it cross anyone’s mind that that might be perceived as the work of a sexist and in fact objectifies women in a way that is absurdly inappropriate? Not to mention the fact that it displays the the obvious lack of creativity and talent of a second-rate tattoo artist? At least this can be removed and should be immediately.  

I believe that you will find that the new art is not going over well with your neighbors.  What a shame that you covered up some clever and well done art to give space to this offensive low-concept crap. A skull happy face? Really? Why not put Hello Kitty up there? That’s about how creative this is. In this extreme case of bad judgment, I am very motivated to do anything that is necessary to move your establishment toward ceasing to insult all women who are so unfortunate as to look at your mural.  Did someone in your establishment sign off on that? Maybe that person should re-evaluate this concept; positioning women as animals is degrading to women. Duh.  

All oppression is rooted in the same system of domination and embracing any form of oppression reinforces all oppressions. By displaying this image, you have reinforced a dehumanizing pornography that must be removed. 

— Angela Temple, former UT staff and alumna.