UT’s diverse strengths attract prospective applicants

Mary Dolan

UT has always strived to be a top university, and rising college students are paying attention to the school’s efforts. According to a recent survey of over 2,000 high school students by LTG Exams, UT was ranked the 13th most desirable school in the country. When ranking only state schools, UT jumped up the list to fourth place. This is hardly surprising, as UT excels in many areas that are important to any university, including academic programs, student diversity and social activities.

For a start, the University boasts some of the best programs in the nation. 41 of UT’s graduate level programs rank in the nation’s top 10, and 56 rank in the top 25. The UT System also boasts an endowment of $25.4 billion, which ensures that these programs receive the funding needed to make them competitive.

Other students are drawn to the variety of programs. UT has 18 colleges and dozens of majors for students to choose from. These programs are highly regarded and attract many incoming freshmen due to their reputations and diverse career applications. Also, due to UT’s average student to faculty ratio of 18:1, students can get the help they need and want.

However, UT doesn’t strive for diversity solely within academic programs. The University has an almost even gender ratio of 51 percent women and 49 percent men, and minority students make up over half of the student population. There are also many organizations dedicated to promoting diversity on campus, such as the Multicultural Engagement Center and the Office of Institutional Equity. Such organizations show prospective students that UT is a school that encourages students of all backgrounds. In addition, UT’s affirmative action policy ensures students of all ethnicities are given a chance to gain entry to the University.

Other campus groups make it possible for students to engage with their peers while gaining leadership experience, building a résumé or enjoying a fun activity. There are hundreds of registered organizations making it easy for students to find new and interesting activities.

Finally, there is UT’s location. Austin is an engaging city, and its sheer amount of attractions ensures that new and returning students will never feel bored. Visiting new places also helps create a sense of community and introduces students to new experiences. Whether on or off campus, students are able to see all the unique locations in Austin.

Prospective students ranked the University highly for more than just a good football program. UT has many great academic programs, student organizations and places to experience in a student’s spare time. As long as the University continues to excel in these areas and beyond, there is no doubt that students will be choosing UT for many years to come.

Dolan is a journalism sophomore from Abilene.