Faculty Council votes to add two new degree programs

Nashwa Bawab

UT’s Faculty Council Executive Committee voted Monday to add two new degree programs to the 2016–2018 undergraduate catalog.

The Cockrell School of Engineering will add an environmental engineering degree program to their catalog, and the College of Fine Arts will add a bachelor of science in arts and entertainment technology degree program to their catalog.

Gerald Speitel, associate dean for academic affairs in the Cockrell School, said there will be no net change in undergraduate student enrollment, but student enrollment into civil engineering will decrease to add to the environmental engineering student enrollment.

“The advantages of doing this is that it will keep us in step with our peers,” Speitel said. “It’s actually good for recruiting high school students because environmental topics are of interest to them. It kind of balances our withdrawals from the new degree program of environmental sciences with an engineering option for students.”

The College of Fine Arts currently has courses related to arts and entertainment technology offered as electives, which are popular, according to Andrew Dell’Antonio, associate dean of undergraduate studies in the College of Fine Arts.

"The new degree plan will not have an initial portfolio or audition process which, Dell’Antonio said, is unlike other degree plans under the College of Fine Arts.

“We expect to build to 400 students over four years,” Dell’Antonio said. “Our goal is to start from 100 and build it up from there.”

Dell’Antonio said the program is currently being funded by the Office of the Provost, and the College of Fine Arts is currently looking for additional funding to build more space as the program grows.