SG debates resolution to increase school spirit

Nashwa Bawab

After long deliberation and debate during a Student Government meeting Tuesday a motion passed in favor of recommitting A.R. 10 — a resolution in support of increased interaction between the student body and Texas Athletics ­— to committee.

The legislation, which was originally in support of a University-wide effort to increase school spirit, was changed after  SG members raised concerns about the bill having no clear purpose. The renamed bill now focuses on both school spirit and a healthy student lifestyle as it relates to student athletics, according to Jonathan Dror, author of the resolution.

Dror said he did not think the legislation would cause the debate to last as long as it did.

“I didn’t expect it to be so controversial,” Dror said. “I mean, we’ve had very controversial pieces of legislation in the past, but I thought this would be something that everyone would be for.”

Dror brought forward legislation, which members debated because of concerns that it was an unnecessary bill, according to Kallen Dimitroff, a University-Wide Representative who voted against the bill going back to committee. After a second vote, the legislation was sent back to committee.

“We could write a legislation that says, ‘I support students on campus’ or ‘I support learning on campus,’ like obviously we support those things,” Dimitroff said. “I don’t think we should write legislation if it isn’t necessary, and I don’t think it was necessary in this case.”

Some SG members opposed the bill because of the inclusion of a promotional school spirit video created by Dror, as well as the unclear intentions behind the legislation, according to Dimitroff. The promotional video, also created by Dror, was seen as a distraction from the purpose of enacting legislation.

“You don’t write legislation because you have an idea. You write legislation because it is necessary to support an initiative in order to have that initiative come to fruition,” Dimitroff said. “My problem with this piece of legislation is — and why I didn’t want it to go back to committee was, ­— that I think regardless of whether it goes back to committee, the intention behind it not why we write legislation.”

According to Jenny McGinty, cosponsor of the legislation, a lot of people had issues with very specific issues. She said she hopes members can come together to make the legislation suitable to fit everyone’s vision.

“Everyone is on the same page about school spirit, it’s just implementing these ideas is where people are on two different sides,” McGinty said. “I hope everyone can come to the committee meeting to offer their suggestions so we can just find a solution that everyone wants.”