Tat-tuesday: People on campus share stories behind ink

Danielle Lopez and Cat Cardenas

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos.

Photos by Joshua Guerra | Daily Texan Staff

Marion Rocco

Literature professor Marion Rocco and her husband get a 13-themed tattoo every Friday the 13th. Above two of these “13” tattoos are butterflies on each of her arms, some of the first tattoos Rocco got about 15 years ago.  

“I wanted something to represent beauty and death but with a little bit of each in the other,” Rocco said. “So beauty has a separate head then skull and crossbones, and death has hearts and flowers.”

Though she has several visible tattoos, she said her most recent one is always her favorite.  

“Every tattoo I have means something,” Rocco said. “All of mine have a story.”

Taylor Walsh

The chevrons on philosophy sophomore Taylor Walsh’s wrist are a reminder of the threes that make up her life.

“I have this thing where a lot of my stuff runs in threes,” Walsh said. “I have three siblings, three sets of grandparents, I’m on triathalon. I’ve lived in three states.”

She got the tattoo to celebrate her 18th birthday and a few months later got a second tattoo of a spade design on her ribcage.

“[My friend] Erin drew it,” Walsh said. “Erin, Elyse, Hannah and I are getting card suits. Only half of them have actually completed it, but they’re on their way.”

Danielle Vabner

After the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, journalism senior Danielle Vabner transferred to UT, looking for a safe haven. Her six-year old little brother, Noah Pozner, was the youngest victim of the tragedy.

Just a week later, she chose to honor him with the rose and angel wing tattoo that marks her wrist.

“It’s for my brother,” Vabner said. “My mom and I designed it together when we were at the tattoo parlor.”

Vabner, who feels passionate about campus carry, said she plans to speak at today’s Gun-Free UT rally on the West Mall.