Chapman-Robinson, Dror-Shannon endorse Helgren-Kim campaign

Rachel Lew

Former executive alliance candidates Daniel James Chapman and Jonathan Dror and Delisa Shannon have endorsed the Helgren-Kim campaign.

According to Chapman's endorsement, Kevin Helgren and Binna Kim signed his and Robinson's petition to abolish Student Government (SG) if it does not experience culture change within the next year. 

In a picture posted to Facebook, Chapman, an economics and mathematics senior, said he thinks Helgren and Kim’s decision to sign the petition shows they are serious about holding themselves accountable.

“I endorsed Kevin and Binna because their message called for internal culture change from day one of this campaign,” Chapman said.

Robinson said in an email that he gave Chapman the greenlight for the "We Give a Shit" campaign team to endorse Helgren-Kim, but said he does not personally endorse anyone or agree with anyone's endorsement.

According to Dror and Shannon’s endorsement, both appreciate the stories Helgren and Kim have encouraged students to share and support the campaign’s vision.

In a picture with a “Share Your Story” overlay posted to Facebook, economics junior Dror said he thinks being a part of this year’s election has given him an understanding of what SG needs.

“Although our ticket did not win, I will continue to always seek the best for the 40 Acres and its students,” Dror said in the caption. “Not only do [Helgren and Kim] have incredible ideas, but they are also super genuine and positive.”

In a similar “Share Your Story” picture, journalism junior Shannon said she supports Helgren and Kim because she thinks they are passionate about students and dedicated to the future of UT.

“I have gotten to know these two incredible people and I am confident in the work they will do for students,” Shannon said in the caption.

Kallen Dimitroff, student body presidential candidate and government and history senior, said she is excited to continue working hard and does not think the endorsements will detract from her campaign.

“[Jesse Guadiana] and I know that we have a broad coalition of voters and team members,” Dimitroff said. “Our campaign is all about encompassing the diversity of interests and needs on this campus, and we know our campaign and our supporters reflect that strongly.”

Presidential candidate Helgren, a neuroscience and psychology senior, said he is touched by the support of Dror, Shannon and Chapman.

“I think it’s awesome to know that their teams held throughout the campaign a very similar vision for the future of SG,” Helgren said. “It takes a tremendous amount of humility to find out you are no longer in the race for something you wanted really badly, and then say you believe in another’s vision and are ready to give back.”

This article has been updated since its initial publication to reflect comments provided by Austin James Robinson.