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SG passes resolution for University to provide opioid overdose reversal drug

Rachel Lew May 5, 2016

Opioid overdose is an increasingly common issue among young adults, but Student Government unanimously passed a resolution last Tuesday that would allow the University to provide a lifesaving drug in the...


Friends, family remember Richard Truong

Rachel Lew May 4, 2016

UT engineering student Richard Truong died Wednesday, April 13. Richard graduated from Kempner High School in Sugar Land in 2013. He enrolled at UT in the fall of 2013 and was pursuing a degree in electrical...


Students launch app to help promote connections, spontaneous plans on campus

Rachel Lew April 29, 2016

Some students may find it difficult to make friends at a university of more than 50,000 people, but two UT students have launched an app to connect people with similar interests and make campus feel...

2016-04-21_Campus_Conversation_Safety _Stephanie

Students express campus safety concerns during discussion

Rachel Lew April 21, 2016

Students raised questions regarding lighting on campus, safe transportation from campus to their residences and the homeless population in West Campus during a campus discussion Wednesday afternoon. The...


Undergraduate students showcase their work during ninth annual Research Week

Rachel Lew April 20, 2016

Undergraduate students from diverse fields of study are showcasing their work and exploring ways to participate in research during the University’s ninth annual Research Week. Research Week began...


RotMan administration bids farewell to office

Rachel Lew April 18, 2016

Emeritus student body president Xavier Rotnofsky and vice president Rohit Mandalapu presented a primarily satirical campaign last year, but they worked to address serious issues during their time in office. Rotnofsky...


Junior ‘the Wendy’s guy’ dies at 61

Rachel Lew April 14, 2016

A former employee of Wendy’s in the Union affectionately known as “Junior the Wendy’s Guy” died on Monday at the age of 61. Ishmael Mohammed Jr., or Junior, worked at Wendy’s...


SG passes resolution to add hammocks along Speedway

Rachel Lew April 12, 2016

The South Mall lawn and the Union outdoor patio are popular locations for UT students to enjoy warm weather and sunshine, and Student Government passed a resolution last Tuesday to provide another option...


The never-ending story: Helgren and Kim to start term

Rachel Lew April 7, 2016

Student stories were at the heart of the Student Government president-elect and vice president-elect’s campaign, and now that the election is over, they want to hear more stories to help them create...


UT System extends medical amnesty policy to include drug overdose

Rachel Lew April 6, 2016

Students who experienced a drug overdose in the past may have hesitated to call for medical help due to fear of repercussions, but the UT System recently changed its policy to encourage students to seek...


Original results of SG executive alliance election now available

Rachel Lew April 5, 2016

The original Student Government executive alliance election results were not announced March 3 because of a failure to be certified by the Dean of Students, but they are now available as a result of an...


Black Lives Matter graffiti appears outside Gregory Gymnasium

Rachel Lew April 5, 2016

An area outside of Gregory Gymnasium was marked with graffiti Sunday night, making it the sixth incident in a string of similar events in which graffiti appeared on campus featuring the same message earlier...


The never-ending story: Helgren, Kim to start term

Rachel Lew April 4, 2016

Student stories were at the heart of the Student Government (SG) president-elect and vice president-elect’s campaign, and now that the election is over they want to hear more stories to help them...


Helgren-Kim wins SG executive alliance election

Rachel Lew April 1, 2016

Kevin Helgren and Binna Kim won the Student Government executive alliance race Thursday with 51.03 percent of the vote in a runoff election against candidates Kallen Dimitroff and Jesse Guadiana. Helgren...


Chapman-Robinson, Dror-Shannon endorse Helgren-Kim campaign

Rachel Lew March 30, 2016

Former executive alliance candidates Daniel James Chapman and Jonathan Dror and Delisa Shannon have endorsed the Helgren-Kim campaign. According to Chapman's endorsement, Kevin Helgren and...


Dimitroff-Guadiana campaign drafts revised election code

Rachel Lew March 30, 2016

Several entities have expressed dissatisfaction with the current election code and called for a revised election code following the series of complaints and appeals in this year’s Student Government...

courtesy of Rachel osterloh

Senate passes resolution to prevent quizzes during add/drop period

Rachel Lew March 28, 2016

Senate passed Senate Resolution 1512 (S.R. 1512) on Thursday to prevent professors from assigning quizzes during add/drop period unless the professor provides students with the opportunity to make-up the...


Two executive alliance campaigns will proceed into runoff election

Rachel Lew March 25, 2016

Student Government executive alliance election results were officially announced Thursday night, resulting in a runoff election set to take place between candidates Kevin Helgren and Binna Kim and fellow candidates...


Questions surround legislation by SG candidates

Cassandra Jaramillo and Rachel Lew March 23, 2016

Candidates in the executive alliance race participated in passing several legislative resolutions for Student Government over the past year, but few have been fully implemented.  Of the 18 pieces...


Executive alliances to begin campaigning today for new election

Rachel Lew March 21, 2016

Students will vote in a new election for the Student Government executive alliance after the Election Supervisory Board and Dean of Student’s office did not certify the results of the original...


SG proposes resolution to assist homeless, promote student safety

Rachel Lew March 11, 2016

The homeless population is a familiar sight for UT students who walk along the Drag and in West Campus, but Student Government is planning an active effort to help this community. SG is working...


Senate proposes creation of online test bank for students

Rachel Lew March 10, 2016

UT Senate of College Councils will propose a resolution today to provide an online database of old testing material for students. The database, which will be accessible through the UT Libraries website,...

Sg Resigning girl

Four out of five UT Supreme Court justices resign

Rachel Lew March 9, 2016

Four out of the five UT Supreme Court justices resigned their positions during a Student Government meeting Tuesday night. Zachary Stone, Max Mills, Savannah Kumar and Anna Hiran resigned from...


SG executive alliance results announcement postponed

Rachel Lew March 4, 2016

Campus-wide election results were announced Thursday night — with the exception of the Student Government executive alliance.  According to the Election Supervisory Board and the Dean of...


UT Supreme Court decreases penalty on Helgren-Kim campaign

Rachel Lew March 3, 2016

The UT Supreme Court decreased the penalty levied against the Helgren-Kim campaign from a Class C to a Class A violation in an emergency appeal hearing Wednesday. Executive alliance candidate Kevin...


UT Supreme Court, Election Supervisory Board address complaints against executive alliance campaigns

Rachel Lew March 2, 2016

UT Supreme Court and Election Supervisory Board (ESB) addressed complaints against two executive alliance campaigns Tuesday night. UT Supreme Court, the appellate court for ESB during spring elections,...

2016-03-02_Senate Candidates_Joshua

Senate candidates announce platforms in uncontested race

Rachel Lew March 2, 2016

Three candidates are running in an uncontested race for president, vice president and financial director in this year’s Senate of College Councils’ elections. The candidates for president,...


University Democrats member files complaint against the Dimitroff-Guadiana campaign

Rachel Lew March 1, 2016

The Election Supervisory Board unanimously dismissed a complaint filed against the Dimitroff-Guadiana campaign Monday night. The Election Supervisory Board held a hearing for a complaint filed against...


Helgren-Kim platform seeks to eliminate stigma of mental illness

Rachel Lew February 26, 2016

Executive alliance candidates Kevin Helgren and Binna Kim want to encourage students to share their stories — all 50,000 of them. Through the campaign theme “Share Your Story,” Helgren...


Dror-Shannon campaign hopes to “Turn Up Texas”

Rachel Lew February 26, 2016

Jonathan Dror and Delisa Shannon are running for executive alliance and want to “Turn Up Texas” in the process.  Through the platform theme of “#turnuptx,” Dror and Shannon...


Dimitroff-Guadiana platform focuses on bringing together different UT voices

Rachel Lew February 26, 2016

Executive alliance candidates Kallen Dimitroff and Jesse Guadiana come from different backgrounds, differents cities and different campus organizations, but they share a passion for the University and...


Chapman-Robinson platform explains what “giving a shit” really means

Rachel Lew February 26, 2016

Executive alliance candidates Daniel James Chapman and Austin James Robinson have two things in common: they have the same middle name and, more importantly, they give a shit. Economics and mathematics...


UT Election Supervisory Board determines campaign team violated election code

Rachel Lew February 23, 2016

The University Election Supervisory Board, which supervises all campus-wide elections, determined Thursday that an executive alliance campaign team violated the election code by failing to recruit campaign...


Executive alliance candidates focus on student involvement, sexual assault awareness

Rachel Lew February 23, 2016

Executive alliance candidates discussed their platforms and how to help students become active participants in the Student Government process at the SG debate Monday night. Daniel James Chapman, presidential...


Executive alliance candidates announce campaign platforms

Rachel Lew February 22, 2016

Four pairs of candidates are running for the Executive Alliance positions in this year’s Student Government elections. The candidates for president and vice president are government seniors Kallen...


UT student withdraws complaint against Helgren-Kim campaign

Rachel Lew February 18, 2016

The UT Supreme Court received a complaint withdrawal Wednesday from a student who filed a complaint against the Helgren-Kim campaign for early campaigning. Government senior D’Wahn Kelley said...


UT Judicial Court overturns ESB decision, determines Helgren-Kim did not violate election code

Rachel Lew February 17, 2016

The UT Judicial Court unanimously overturned the decision of the Election Supervisory Board (ESB) in the Helgren-Kim v. Chase case, ruling that Helgren-Kim executive alliance campaign did not violate the...


Senate proposes library printing credit for students

Rachel Lew February 16, 2016

UT Senate proposed a resolution Tuesday to establish a minimal library printing credit for UT students to offset the current cost of printing. UT currently charges students 10 cents per black and white...


Student Government proposes umbrella checkout system

Rachel Lew February 15, 2016

Unpredictable Texas showers can leave students without umbrellas stranded on campus, but Student Government wants to give students the opportunity to check out umbrellas and stay dry. SG is currently...


SG Election Supervisory Board determines campaign team violated election code

Rachel Lew February 11, 2016

The University’s Election Supervisory Board, which supervises all campus-wide elections, determined that one Student Government campaign team failed to comply with election code by attempting to...

Xinyi Wang courtesy

Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency hopes to establish student workspace

Rachel Lew February 8, 2016

The Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency (LEA) proposed Assembly Resolution 17 on Tuesday to build a collaborative workspace for student entrepreneurs to begin changing the world, one startup at a time. Xinyi...


Graduate Student Assembly opposes campus carry in resolution

Rachel Lew February 5, 2016

Graduate Student Assembly, an organization that seeks to represent the opinions of the graduate student community in interactions with UT administration, passed a resolution Wednesday opposing campus carry,...


Students use balloons to show opinions on campus carry

Rachel Lew February 4, 2016

Members of the UT community used their breath — literally — to fill colored balloons representing their opinions about campus carry at an event hosted by the UT Graduate Students Against Campus...


Student Government passes amended AB 9

Rachel Lew February 3, 2016

Student Government passed Assembly Bill 9 with amendment, which proposed to reduce the amount of money that candidates are allowed to spend on their campaigns, on Tuesday. Student body president Xavier...


Student Government proposes bill to reduce campaign finances

Rachel Lew February 1, 2016

Student Government introduced legislation Tuesday to reduce the current amount of money candidates can spend on their campaigns. Assembly Bill 9, “Amending Student Government Campaign Finance...


New STEM commons to open in Perry-Castañeda Library

Rachel Lew January 25, 2016

A new STEM learning commons will open officially today in the Perry-Castañeda Library to provide a space for students to learn about and collaborate in science, technology, engineering and math...


Working for The Daily Texan: 10/10 would recommend

Rachel Lew December 4, 2015

I stumbled into The Daily Texan office last semester and decided to write a tryout story on a whim. I was met with a whirlwind of activity, which I soon learned is just a typical night in the office. I...


Harry Ransom Center to acquire archive of novelist Kazuo Ishiguro

Rachel Lew August 26, 2015

UT students will soon have access to an archive of novels by renowned British novelist Kazuo Ishiguro. The archive, which will be housed at the Harry Ransom Center, includes many early drafts and rejected...


Student organization hosts panel discussion on fraternity culture

Rachel Lew May 6, 2015

Fraternity members and other students discussed topics such as racist parties and sexual harassment in the context of fraternity culture. The Progressive Student Organization (PSO), which unites members...


Kerbey Lane celebrates 35th anniversary with festivities, donations to United Way

Rachel Lew May 5, 2015

Kerbey Lane Cafe celebrated its 35th year anniversary Monday with face painting and miniature horses — donating all of the proceeds to United Way for Greater Austin.  Mason Ayer, CEO of Kerbey...


Student volunteers disappointed by potential closure of Austin State Supported Living Center

Rachel Lew and Eleanor Dearman April 29, 2015

On Sundays, social work senior Denisse Calderon wakes up and visits the Austin State Supported Living Center (ASSLC) to meet with residents and accompany them to a church service. “My work...


Former NASA mission leader named next director of space research center

Rachel Lew April 24, 2015

Former NASA mission leader Michael Watkins will become the next director of the Center for Space Research at the Cockrell School of Engineering. After working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory...


Lecturer: Internet surveillance has benefits and drawbacks

Rachel Lew April 10, 2015

Internet surveillance is inevitable and sometimes beneficial, but use of informatiion gathered through servailance must be regulated, according to a lecturer Thursday at the 14th Annual sequels Symposium. Jeremy...


Professor: Design in Shakespeare’s works suggest earlier rise to prominence

Rachel Lew April 6, 2015

An ornately designed logo printed on Shakespeare’s works suggests an earlier rise to prominence than previously thought, according to a UT professor. English professor Douglas Bruster said his...


Professor: Body fat percentage, distribution more important than appearance and weight

Rachel Lew March 27, 2015

When it comes to health, body fat percentage and distribution are more important than appearance and weight, according to a visiting nutrition professor. David Heber, a nutrition professor from the...


Professor: African-American women are subject to greater scrutiny in airports

Rachel Lew March 25, 2015

African-American women are subject to greater airport security measures than other passengers at the airport, according to a UT professor. Sociology assistant professor Simone Browne spoke Tuesday about...


Professor discusses professional struggles of LGBT educators

Rachel Lew March 11, 2015

Gay and lesbian teachers face challenges that their heterosexual colleagues do not, according to a visiting professor from Boston University. Catherine Connell, researcher and sociology assistant...


Patient-oriented health care is the future, researcher says

Rachel Lew March 5, 2015

The future of the health care system lies in a patient-oriented approach, not in the continuation of its current structure, according to health care innovator Stacey Chang. Chang, former managing director...

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