Republic of Texas shall rise once and for all

Alyssa Fernandez

Editor’s Note: In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, all material appearing on the Opinion page today is satirical and meant in jest. The opinions expressed on this page are not meant to be taken literally.

In 1845, an erroneous crime went unpunished. The Union annexed Texas without the permission of its sovereign people. What has happened since is an unforgivable occupation that has treaded on the lives of innocent Texians. Our rights robbed, our properties regulated, our guns taken and if this continues—our liberties. Many Texians cry for a revolution to take back our right of independence and it can be done with the help of an old friend: Mexico. Let Mexico annex Texas as it once was to beseech us of the suffocating oversight of Congress. 

The Republic of Texas once gloriously stood against the odds for ten years but not without a fight.

Remember the Alamo. Come and Take it. Buc-ees. 

Mantras that defined our rebellious nature that we continue to crave to this day. What has been lost in history is debts, debates, conventions and drafts. Who will be the one to draft the new Texas Declaration of Independence? With the government funneling our taxes into the University of Texas, they are purposely funding a counterrevolution.

The government’s money is giving power to the misguided liberals that blindly follow Marxism who will combust this country. Sadly, these same people dominate the intellectual spectrum of Texas. It will only be a repeat of hardworking citizens bending to the will of Congress if we let them draft the new laws of the Republic of Texas!

This can be prevented by going back to Mexico. Their government holds little control over the actual daily lives of its citizens, making it the perfect lawless territory where we can recreate the days of John Wayne and Davy Crockett. Their patriarchal society will actively discourage liberals from staying in Texas, and they will effectively move out of our Republic. This will siphon them while we can enjoy a vacation before we take on the tedious labor that is required for running a country.  

On top of that, Texas already has a winning streak in winning a war against Mexico. Compare those odds to the war on Southern heritage with the United States and the answer is obvious. 

The Supreme Court has already ruled that lawful states have no right to secede from the Union after the Civil War. But there isn’t any rule against another country annexing a state and that state seceding from the other country. It’s a loophole to independence all Texians need to adopt. Alternatively, Texians could just put more effort into researching their candidates before voting to be properly represented in Washington. Happy April Fools’ Day. 

Fernandez is a Spanish and rhetoric and writing junior from Allen.