UT/Texas Tribune poll puts Trump three points ahead of Clinton in Texas

Sarah Philips

A recent poll conducted by The University of Texas and The Texas Tribune found Texas will most likely remain a Republican stronghold in the presidential election despite Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s recent polling numbers. 

The poll shows 45 percent of Texas voters support Republican nominee Donald Trump, 42 percent support Clinton, 7 percent support Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, 2 percent support Green Party nominee Jill Stein and 5 percent will vote for someone else.

The poll found the most important issue for Texas voters is the appointment of Supreme Court justices, which leads the majority of Texan voters toward Trump instead of Clinton, according to a statement released by the University.

The data revealed differences in motives for voter support: 70 percent of Clinton supporters said they were voting for her because they support her as opposed to voting for her in opposition to Trump, while 47 percent of Trump supporters responded in their respective position in backing Trump. 

“While Republican ambivalence towards their nominee is unsurprising given the turn that Trump’s campaign has taken in recent weeks, the degree to which Texas Democrats have rallied around Clinton is really striking given her rejection by Sanders’ supporters in previous polling in addition to the ever-present meme of this campaign that she, like Trump, is an ‘unlikable’ candidate,” said Josh Blank, polling and research manager at the Texas Politics Project, in a statement. 

According to the Texans polled, both Trump and Clinton are considered to be “poor” candidates. While 52 percent of self-identified Republicans in Texas said Trump would be a good president, 73 percent of Texas Democrats said Clinton would be. 

The poll is the latest in a series conducted by a partnership between UT’s Texas Politics Project and The Texas Tribune. The poll was conducted by YouGov, a public opinion research firm, between Oct. 14 and Oct. 23 of this year.