Horns up, Horns down: March 7

Horns up: Student Government Runoffs?

For all the complaining about Student Government elections, this year’s iteration has been more painless than those in years past. We weren’t offered Lunchables during the debate this year, but both campaigns that made the runoff have been willing to discuss issues far more serious than a 24/5 PCL or two-ply toilet paper. While we made clear in our non-endorsement last week that both campaigns had issues they still needed to address, we’re optimistic that they could address them and serve our campus well. So before voting starts again Wednesday, drop by the West Mall and talk to members of both the Carter-O’Connell and Guzman-Wolf tickets. We’ve seen this year’s discussion as productive and hope to continue talking about important issues throughout the next year, regardless of who wins.

Horns down: All the bad food is leaving us

Speaking of Student Government, the eternal promise to make our eating options around campus healthier seems to be happening with almost no effort on their part. It turns out that our drunk eating habits, malicious management companies and Urban Outfitters are enough to push out most everything that we actually wanted to eat off of the Drag. Kismet leaving for Hancock Center was a big blow, but we did our best to persevere.
But Big Bite’s sudden closure and Fat Sal’s price increase have severely cut into our intake of sandwiches with cheese sticks and french fries. The stress of finding jobs, internships and ways to not study for midterms isn’t something we can handle without some help, and we can’t eat novelty gifts and overpriced sweaters.
Please, Guad gods, don’t take anything else.

Horns up: Spring break?

As Texas weather becomes more unpredictable than usual, we can only conclude that this means spring break is around the corner. Although professors are well-known for piling up all of their classes’ exams and quizzes the week before spring break, a break is in sight. Try not to mentally clock out too much before your break begins. As we all struggle to find the motivation needed to ace our midterms and finish lab reports and assignments, just remember that it’ll all be (temporarily) over in less than a week. While spring break dawns upon us, try to stay safe, not to black out and keep yourself grounded as you return to campus for the second (and more difficult) half of the semester.