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October 4, 2022

30: Photo editor moo-ves onto brighter things

Emmanuel Briseño

On a cold Wednesday afternoon in January, Alan and Eve Hyatt visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. They were from Boca Raton, Florida. The retired couple traveled to the library in their continuing effort to visit all 13 in the United States. This would be their 12th one. I met them right outside LBJ. I chased them down after taking their photo, and that spiraled into the loveliest conversation. 

Morgan Bogart owns Glass Blowing Austin. Her studio is tucked away in the back alley next to a metal distributor. I stayed there for a few hours, like her shadow, taking photos and learning. 

These are just a few of the many amazing people I’ve met during my time in the Photo Department. 

Much to Peter’s dismay, most of my wild was shot off campus. Over time, I started loving Austin and its people more and more. I’ve met artists, pets, students, and somehow ended up in the middle of a police arrest. I never regretted any of it. Every week I challenged myself to go somewhere new to find interesting subjects. And I traveled far away to look for them…When in fact they were right in front of me all along. There are so many people who were vital in shaping my experience at the Texan and as a person. I can’t recall how many nights I stayed past midnight getting last-minute photos and captions in, failing at ping pong, watching “The Bachelorette,” and just hanging out. 

Lauren and Amy, thank you for giving me the opportunity to shoot for you. I gained confidence in my photos week after week.

Daulton, I got you that downfield catch. You’re welcome. 

Rachel, Wednesday nights with you were the best. Thank you for always being supportive and encouraging. 

Joshua, you are a pain in the ass. But ILYSB, and look up to you. You took me under your wing and I am forever grateful. 

Managing editor, thank you for hiring me. I once told you I can only talk to you when you are drunk. I’m glad I can talk to you when you are sober now. 

My associates, thank you for keeping me sane when things got rough, for the countless times you’ve listened to me rant about everything.

Gabriel, I already have separation anxiety. 

Emmanuel, I call Orson Krennic’s starship, and you can keep the blanket. ¿Vamos a comprar tacos pronto?

This semester really tested me. I had big shoes to fill, and overall I think I did a not-bad job. Thank you to my spring 2017 staff for being understanding when I got frustrated and annoyed with all you. I am proud of the work you all have done and how much you’ve all improved. 

I’m finally leaving this rat-infested basement that I’ve called home for two years. If I’ve learned anything during my time here, it’s that home is where the herd is. 


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30: Photo editor moo-ves onto brighter things