Looking for a scenic space to get some work done? Try these five campus study spots

Anna-Kay Reeves

Instead of going stir-crazy cooped up in your usual work space, check out these spots on campus to get some work done. 

The Texas Union

With Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks and Panda Express in the lower level of the Union and multiple stories of work space above, the Union has your study needs covered. Located along Guadalupe, the main artery of the student section of the city, the Union is a great meeting place for groups with members living on or off campus. The Union offers quiet study spaces as well, complete with lounge chairs and a scenic window, allowing you to go from social to solo without leaving the building.

The Architecture and Planning Library

Most people know this building for its Instagram-worthy blue doors, but it’s interior is just as iconic. Located on the second floor of the nearby Battle Hall is the Architecture and Planning Reading Room & Library. Situated in the heart of campus, this is a great space to study before or after classes in the Main Mall. This wide open room is for independent study only, which makes it ideal for catching up on reading. The dark woodwork paired with gold chandeliers will have you feeling like you’re in a scene out of Harry Potter.

The Life Science Library

If you like to work in aesthetic spaces, look no further than UT’s original library. The Life Science Library, located on the third floor of the Tower, will provide you with ample natural light and comfy leather chairs in the heart of campus. Quotes from poems and red, gold and blue patterns liven up the ceiling of this study space, ensuring that if your eye wanders from the task at hand, it will rest on something pretty. Though this space served as UT’s main library until 1977, according to UT Libraries, it now offers a collection specializing in biology, medicine, nutrition and pharmacy. 

Mary E. Gearing Hall patio

For some fresh air, the patio behind Mary E. Gearing Hall offers a great covered outdoor space. This building, home of UT’s School of Human Ecology, offers large patio tables on the covered courtyard, making it a perfect place for a quick group meeting. A quiet area toward the edge of campus, foot-traffic is much lighter around the patio, meaning less distraction than other outdoor study areas. Electric outlets are limited in this space, so charge up before giving it a try.

Picnic by Waller Creek

With Wi-Fi available across campus, nothing is keeping you tied to a building. A great way to make an afternoon of studying a bit less tedious is by packing some snacks and finding a spot outside to chill and work. Many spots along Waller Creek, which runs through campus, are great places for a working picnic. The portion of the creek near Texas Expresso is decorated with statues and well-shaded. The sounds of the creek and birds in the trees make for a soothing backdrop to put work in on whichever paper has you stressing.