Senior photographer leaves to seek more diverse staff

Ashley Ephraim

I never really wanted to be here. When I first walked into the basement, for some sketchy unscheduled tour, my first thought was how depressing it was. Three semesters later, and it is just as depressing, so shout-out to Matthew for basically forcing me to apply. Y’all aren’t the worst people I’ve met in my life.

Despite the overwhelming desire to bang my head against a wall when I have to be in the basement, I wouldn’t change my time here, I mean, maybe I would have tried harder with my assignments in the first semester (Sorry, Juan).

I can’t really dwell on what I didn’t get to accomplish in my limited time with The Daily Texan because I achieved my personal goal of getting each of Peter’s ratings at least twice. And trust me — it was really easy getting the “could be better.”

Taking photos for the Texan was great. I got so many opportunities to expand my portfolio and see what things I never want to shoot again in my life (Thanks, volleyball). I created memories crying on the sideline of sporting events with Ryan, not because I was happy or sad, but because I was stressed.

My favorite moment, besides winning the Wild Workshop two semesters in a row and getting “Most Improved” my second semester, is being on the sidelines of the football games, thinking my photos were going to be great — and then Katie, Juan or Angela would send their photos in the group text to stunt on me. Then all hope is lost, and I just want to run in the media room and cry, because they are all so talented. I am thankful that I could share this passion with other great photographers.

Enough of that reflection stuff. It’s time to spotlight those that made my time here worth it; there aren’t many. Shoutout to Avery for always choosing to shoot Student Government so I wouldn’t have to. Shoutout to Brittany for hijacking my camera weekly and shooting gold with it. I want her talent.

Shoutout to Carlos and Juan for calling me while I was one margarita deep in Fuzzy’s to interview me to be a senior this semester. I was dead set on quitting after Carlos rejected me for the same position the previous summer.

Shoutout to Brooke and Katie, who, despite the strong RBF, aren’t as mean as they look. I was scared of them my first semester here, but now I know they are harmless and great friends.

Actually, I would change something … where’s the diversity here?