Dobie renovations to be completed this summmer

Lauren Girgis

Private dorm Dobie Twenty21 will finish renovations that started in July 2015 by this summer, using 2018 resident feedback to update and modernize living spaces and amenities. 

Dobie Executive Director Ashley Holloway said Dobie has been conducting renovations in three phases. Phase one renovated the resident spaces and phase two added amenities such as a recreation room, technology center, fitness lounge and study spaces. Phase three, which Holloway said is expected to be completed in summer 2019, will finish up renovations of the elevators and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

In spring 2018, Dobie management held a “You Spoke, We Listened” campaign to review resident feedback and revisited renovations from phase one and phase two after residents expressed a desire for new flooring, said Kayte Stein, director of marketing and leasing. A self-serve package room was also added, allowing residents to pick up packages 24/7. 

“These renovations will make for a better community and happier experience here,” Stein said in an email. “We want our residents to start their legacy here and have a place that they call home and with these renovations. I believe this will be a huge benefit to each resident that steps foot on the property.”

Holloway said managment is committed to adding value to their services and making students comfortable, with more than 30 social spaces in the building. The elevator renovations will allow students to travel to class faster, with the new elevators being able to go from the plaza to the 27th floor in just 30 seconds. 


“Due to the age of the elevators and the resident feedback we received during our ‘You Spoke, We Listened’ campaign, we began the modernization of the elevators and HVAC systems,” Holloway said in an email. “(We’re renovating) to ensure that our residents are having the best experience possible. We understand the needs of our residents are changing (and) we are making changes to the building to better accommodate our residents’ lifestyles.”

Neuroscience freshman Ashley Scheinfeld, who has lived in Dobie since last fall, said she uses a lot of the new amenities, such as the fitness center, basketball court and tech center with free printing and finds them helpful. 

“The elevators were the biggest thing (I noticed),” Scheinfeld said. “It took a little bit longer to get to class (because of the revonations) but not in a dramatic way.”