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News editor who threatened to quit 50 times finally quits

News editor who threatened to quit 50 times finally quits

Lauren Girgis May 4, 2021

This paper, like the journalism industry as a whole, has kind of screwed me over. But I kept coming back. And it wasn't because of the great pay or work-life balance. It was because of the people I got...

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Black Lives Matter

The Daily Texan’s editorial board and Diversity & Inclusion Board stand in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with Black journalists across the nation and with our Black Texan staffers....

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Introducing The Waiting Room: Stories about navigating health care at UT

Lauren Girgis March 9, 2020

It’s difficult for college students to navigate receiving health care, and it’s even more difficult for some students depending on their identity.  I’m Lauren Girgis, this semester’s...

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Seasonal cedar fever causes allergy symptoms

Lauren Girgis January 24, 2020

From December to March, Central Texas’ juniper trees spread pollen, causing Austin’s residents to experience allergic reactions.  “We call it cedar fever because you can feel...


Restaurants close, open during winter break around UT Campus

Lauren Girgis January 22, 2020

Students are finding that many of their favorite restaurants have shut their doors after a series of business closures over the break. Earlier this month, the owners of Thai, How Are You? announced...


Former UT System regent pleads guilty to violating federal election law

Lauren Girgis December 9, 2019

An engineering company led by a former Univeristy of Texas System regent was charged last month with evading federal election laws by making donations in the company’s employees’ names to election...


The Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct forms following sit-ins for student safety

Lauren Girgis December 5, 2019

Students have formed a coalition to demand transparency and accountability from the University regarding professors guilty of sexual misconduct.  Students planned the third Sit-In for Student Safety...


Austin Police Department, Transportation Department increase No Refusal during holidays

Lauren Girgis December 5, 2019

The Austin Police Department announced it will issue search warrants for any drivers who refuse to comply with alcohol detection tests to prevent drunk driving and encourage residents to arrange a ride...


The Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct forms following sit-ins for student safety

Lauren Girgis December 5, 2019

Students have formed a coalition to demand transparency and accountability from the University regarding professors guilty of sexual misconduct.  Students planned the third Sit-In for Student Safety...

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Wayfinding projects aim to improve safety, ease of navigation

Lauren Girgis November 26, 2019

UT is working toward making campus safer and easier to navigate by adding call boxes and cameras to maps on campus and increasing wayfinding signage. The University requested a security audit from the...


Austin hate crimes rise at a lower rate than similar Texas cities

Lauren Girgis November 26, 2019

In 2017, Austin had the most hate crimes in Texas. However, Austin is now behind cities of the same size in terms of hate crimes despite a small increase in such incidents in 2018, according to the FBI...


Harrison Brown’s mother settles lawsuit over 2017 on-campus stabbing

Lauren Girgis November 25, 2019

The mother of Harrison Brown, a student who was fatally stabbed in 2017, has reached a settlement in a lawsuit against Kendrex White and his family.  Harrison was stabbed two and a half years ago...


How do fire alarms impact University life, resources?

Lauren Girgis November 15, 2019

Unwarranted fire alarms occur on campus a couple of times per month at UT and disrupt students from working, sleeping and studying, according to UT Fire Prevention Services.  According to UT public...


Former APD chief said racial language for years, anonymous complaint claims

Lauren Girgis November 12, 2019

The City of Austin will investigate an anonymous complaint that a former Austin Police Department assistant chief used racial slurs over the past decade.  The complaint, filed on Oct. 30, said...

APD introduces soft interview rooms for sexual assault survivors

Lauren Girgis November 11, 2019

The Austin Police Department renovated rooms for interviews involving sexual assault cases with the help of a nonprofit so survivors can share their stories in a more comfortable setting.  The...

MDanderson_1108_Rocky Higine(MDAnderson) copy

UT’s MD Anderson Center endangered the health of patients, according to federal report

Lauren Girgis November 8, 2019

UT’s MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston endangered the health of patients through widespread mistakes and failures across the entire hospital, according to a federal report released last month. The...


Man arrested for making terroristic threats toward School of Social Work

Emily Hernandez and Lauren Girgis November 8, 2019

The UT Police Department arrested a man Thursday for making terroristic threats against the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, according to a campuswide email UTPD sent Thursday night. The Austin Police...


Austin Police Department’s No Refusal sees increase in DWIs on Halloween from last year

Lauren Girgis November 6, 2019

To keep trick-or-treaters safe, the Austin Police Department conducted a No-Refusal Initiative on Halloween night and made more DWI arrests on the holiday than last year. APD detective Mike Jennings...


Office of the city auditor assessing APD community policing through public survey

Lauren Girgis November 1, 2019

Austin’s office of the city auditor is asking citizens to fill out a survey that evaluates the Austin Police Department’s engagement with the community. The city hired Matrix Consulting...


New APD unit aims to reduce Riverside crime through community engagement

Lauren Girgis October 29, 2019

A new Austin Police Department unit created last month is hitting the streets of Riverside to reduce crime in the neighborhood through large-scale projects.  RISE, which stands for Region...


Transportation Department, UT researchers analyze traffic camera data to identify pedestrian safety hazards

Lauren Girgis October 22, 2019

The Austin Transportation Department partnered with two UT-based research centers to analyze data from traffic cameras to identify pedestrian safety concerns.  The partnership with UT’s Advanced...


UT’s Drug-Free Schools Act review recommends formation of committee to evaluate substance use

Lauren Girgis October 18, 2019

The 2018 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act review recently recommended that UT form a committee to develop goals on how to assess alcohol and drug use on campus. This year’s review, which...


Amidst nationwide decrease in property crimes, Austin sees an increase

Lauren Girgis October 14, 2019

According to a recent Federal Bureau of Investigation crime data report, violent and property crime across the U.S. decreased from 2017 to 2018. While violent crime in Austin matches the national trend,...


UT Police say students should be alert to avoid theft at football games

Lauren Girgis October 14, 2019

Among the large crowds and chaos during football games in the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, UT Police Department says students and fans can take precautions to avoid theft of their personal...


APD advocates for safety preparedness, awareness at ACL

Lauren Girgis October 11, 2019

The Austin Police Department is informing citizens on how to stay safe at the Austin City Limits music festival and combat theft.  After the first weekend of the festival, 43 phones were reported...


Reports of dating violence, domestic violence decline on campus, according to Clery report

Lauren Girgis October 9, 2019

Reported incidents of dating violence and domestic violence at UT decreased for the second year in a row, according to the most recent Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. According to the report,...


Auto thefts in West Campus decline from last year

Lauren Girgis October 7, 2019

The Austin Police Department has reported about 27 fewer automobile thefts in West Campus from January to September compared to the same period in 2018, according to the APD Crime Viewer. West Campus,...


Gov. Abbott asks city to alleviate homelessness, threatens state intervention

Lauren Girgis October 3, 2019

Gov. Greg Abbott addressed a letter to Mayor Steve Adler and the Austin City Council on Wednesday demanding the city improve the issue of homelessness, or the state would take action.  City...


APD responds to bank robbery on Guadalupe Street

Lauren Girgis October 1, 2019

The Austin Police Department responded to a bank robbery at 1904 Guadalupe St., according to a campuswide text sent at 10:44 a.m.  The first alert said the suspect was on foot traveling southbound...


UT senior vice president asks city of Austin to prohibit homeless camping around campus

Lauren Girgis September 25, 2019

UT senior vice president Darrell Bazzell asked Mayor Steve Adler and the Austin City Council to prohibit homeless individuals from camping along the perimeter of the University and West Campus in a letter...


Texas DPS to begin accepting medical cannabis dispensary applications

Lauren Girgis September 25, 2019

Following a state law expanding the medical conditions qualifying for medical cannabis, the Texas Department of Public Safety will begin accepting applications for medical cannabis dispensaries in...


Man threatens to ‘shoot all the rich kids at UT’ after being arrested

Lauren Girgis September 23, 2019

A man who said he would “shoot all the rich kids at UT” has been charged with making terroristic threats, according to the Austin American-Statesman.  Dakota Blakely reportedly became...


APD responds to aggravated assault suspect with “machete-like knife” in West Campus

Lauren Girgis September 23, 2019

Update 5:43:  At 5:24 p.m., UTPD said in a tweet that the suspect is no longer believed to be in the immediate area, and APD is still investigating. The Austin Police Department responded to...


Austin Transportation Department uses tool to identify high-injury network on street grid

Lauren Girgis September 19, 2019

The Austin Transportation Department utilizes a data-informed planning tool to identify areas in Austin that have a relatively high number of serious traffic injuries and fatal crashes.   These...


UT alumna sues Travis County district attorney, assistant for defamation over rape case

Lauren Girgis September 18, 2019

A UT alumna filed a class action lawsuit against two employees of the Travis County District Attorney’s office last week, claiming a district attorney and her assistant lied to the public about her sexual...


Austin City Council passes budget, adds 30 new APD officers

Lauren Girgis September 16, 2019

Thirty officer positions will be added to the Austin Police Department, following City Council’s approval of the city budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year Tuesday. APD Chief of Staff Troy...


UTPD takes active measures to keep employees safe

Lauren Girgis September 12, 2019

With the University located in downtown Austin, safety concerns are common among UT faculty and staff. The UT Police Department, the Victim Advocate Network and UT Staff Council work together to combat...


New law allows police officers to be aware of communication disorders during traffic stops

Lauren Girgis September 12, 2019

Drivers with communication disorders have the option to indicate their disorder on their vehicle registration under a new Texas law. Senate Bill 976, also called the Samuel Allen Law, passed...


People for PMA hold grassroots discussion on renaming Robert Lee Moore Hall

Lauren Girgis September 11, 2019

Student organization People for PMA discussed their grassroots effort to rename Robert Lee Moore Hall to the Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy building during a town hall Tuesday evening.  Robert...


New equipment expected to improve fingerprint visualization in APD’s forensics lab

Lauren Girgis September 10, 2019

Following Austin City Council’s approval last month, Austin Police Department’s forensic department is receiving new equipment to better detect fingerprints from surfaces such as flexible pastics,...


Austin 311 reports spike in homelessness calls

Lauren Girgis September 10, 2019

The number of 311 calls concerning homeless people between June and August more than quadrupled since last year, Austin 311 reported. At last week’s homelessness forum, Mayor Steve Adler cited...


The City of Austin attempts to reduce traffic fatalities

Lauren Girgis September 5, 2019

The number of traffic fatalities in Austin this year is already higher than it was at this time last year, but Vision Zero hopes to turn that around. The official City of Austin website states...


APD announces expansion of mental health training for officers

Lauren Girgis September 4, 2019

The Austin Police Department announced Aug. 27 that the department will expand their mental health training for all police officers to include 40 additional hours of crisis intervention training.  All...


Austin-Travis County EMS uses Facebook to alert users of unsafe situations

Lauren Girgis September 3, 2019

Facebook is introducing a new tool to alert users about unsafe situations in their area, and Austin-Travis County EMS was one of the first government agencies to beta test it. The new tool allows ATCEMS...


APD, local businesses work together to combat hate crimes

Lauren Girgis August 29, 2019

The Austin Police Department is partnering with local businesses to protect LGBTQ victims of hate crimes and harassment in public.  A new initiative, called Safe Place, launched just before...


Parking and Transportation provides rules for campus parking

Lauren Girgis August 29, 2019

Students who drive to class are familiar with the permits, citations and frustrations that come with parking on campus.  UT parking and Transportation Services manages nearly 16,000 parking spaces...

Heat_0828_ChanningMiller(HeatINAustin) copy

Austin-Travis County EMS, UHS encourages active measures to prevent heat-related medical incidents

Lauren Girgis August 28, 2019

For students walking between their dorms or apartments to classes, the Austin heat can be unbearable. However, there are measures that can be taken to protect against heat-related illness while on campus.  According...


University Housing and Dining expands dining hours, introduces unlimited swipes

Lauren Girgis August 26, 2019

University Housing and Dining is rolling out operational changes this semester that give dining hall-goers more options than they had in previous years. Rene Rodriguez, UHD director of dining, said...


First Nicky Cumberland Classic held, all proceeds to benefit the Nicholas Antonio Cumberland Scholarship Fund

Lauren Girgis May 6, 2019

Friends and family of Nicky Cumberland, who died last fall from injuries sustained in a car accident on the way home from a Texas Cowboys retreat, gathered Sunday at the Morris Williams Golf Course for...


New CapMetro initiative promises electric future

Lauren Girgis April 29, 2019

Capital Metro is taking a step into the future with the purchase of electric buses that will hit the road within the next year.  The company plans to have a 100% electric bus system, but does...


Steven Crowder puts a twist on ‘Change My Mind’ at UT

Lauren Girgis April 16, 2019

Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder held a special edition of his popular segment “Change My Mind” in front of Gregory Gym on Monday. The segment, which has turned into a meme...


Legislature bills to eliminate red light cameras hit the brakes

Lauren Girgis April 12, 2019

Despite early momentum and bipartisan support, two bills to eliminate red light cameras have seen a slowdown this week after being left pending in committee.  Companion bills House Bill 1631 by...


Weekend MBA program in Dallas moves uptown for networking, location

Lauren Girgis April 3, 2019

A weekend UT masters program in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is moving to Uptown Dallas from the UT Southwestern Medical Center this fall. The Texas MBA at Dallas/Fort Worth program allows full-time professionals...


Dobie renovations to be completed this summmer

Lauren Girgis March 29, 2019

Private dorm Dobie Twenty21 will finish renovations that started in July 2015 by this summer, using 2018 resident feedback to update and modernize living spaces and amenities.  Dobie Executive...


Professor defends use of “n-word” in classroom

Lauren Girgis March 11, 2019

For students taking associate government professor H.W. Perry’s Civil Liberties class, there is a trigger warning waiting for them in the syllabus: Perry “may use the ‘n word’ or...


Want to develop video games? There’s a program for you

Lauren Girgis March 4, 2019

The Computer Science and Arts and Entertainment Technologies departments have partnered to launch the Game Development and Design program in order to provide undergraduates with the resources they need...


Trump’s simple language isn’t what sets him apart from past presidents, researchers find

Lauren Girgis February 25, 2019

People across the political spectrum agree that some aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency are unconventional, but his simple speech style isn’t, according to a study conducted by UT psychology...


Blanton redesigning grounds, expanding Latin American collection

Lauren Girgis February 18, 2019

The Blanton Museum of Art has received a gift of $20 million from the Moody Foundation to transform their grounds, as well as over 100 works of art from the Spanish and Portuguese Americas.  The...


Guest speaker discusses global communications in age of Trump, nationalism

Lauren Girgis February 1, 2019

Brexit and the election of President Donald Trump are evidence of the recent resurgence of nationalism, said Terry Flew, creative industries and communication professor, at a talk Thursday. Flew is...

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