Insomnia Cookies will open in West Campus by summer

Elexa Sherry

Students in need of a late-night cookie fix can soon order from Insomnia Cookies, which will open in West Campus sometime in the next month. 

The store will be located in the building attached to The Castilian where a Subway used to be. Insomnia has more than 150 locations around the country.

Hazi Ortiz, a call center supervisor at Insomnia, said the opening day won’t be announced until about a week prior. 

“We open about two stores every couple of months,” Ortiz said. “If we have a bunch of customers who are emailing in from Austin and are suggesting a store there, then that’s what we’re going to go ahead and do.” 

The cookie company was founded in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz, who was a student at the University of Pennsylvania at the time. He came up with the idea and started the business from his dorm room. Insomnia specializes in delivering cookies to people’s doorsteps and business centers.

Ortiz said what makes Insomnia unique is the franchise’s locations near big universities and late night hours. Insomnia is open until 3 a.m. every day.


Ortiz said Insomnia takes students’ allergy needs into consideration when deciding what locations will have gluten-free and vegan options available. 

“If that becomes a need of the university, then (those are options) we will add to that particular store,” Ortiz said. 

Architecture freshman Damini Sayeed said she thinks Tiff’s Treats, another cookie store located near West Campus that delivers, will be faced with competition. 

“I think there’s definitely going to be competition between Insomnia and Tiff’s Treats because Insomnia seems like a much bigger company,” Sayeed said. 

Morgan Sheridan, human development and family sciences freshman, said she used to frequently go to the Insomnia location in her hometown near the Northwestern University campus in Evanston, Illinois. She said she is counting down the days until Insomnia’s opening.

Sheridan, who lives at The Callaway House, which is close to Insomnia, said the late hours and the location’s convenience makes it an appealing place for students to enjoy a late-night snack. 

“I had always expected to come to college and there to be an Insomnia Cookies here,” Sheridan said. “But now that Moojo’s closed, I’m really excited to have another place to get warm cookies.”