Professors guilty of sexual misconduct must be removed to ensure student safety, wellbeing

Julia Zaksek

Two professors found guilty of sexual misconduct are scheduled to teach courses next semester. Coleman Hutchison and Sahotra Sarkar were both found in violation of UT’s Title IX policy, and Hutchison also failed to disclose a relationship with a graduate student. 

Neither of these professors should be back on campus. They both violated University policy, and could still pose a threat to students.

In the past month, UT students participated in two sit-ins in UT’s Main Building to demand the professors be taken off the course schedule, and that the University release the names of other professors who have violated misconduct policy.

After the first sit-in, the University released a statement promising to review UT’s Title IX policy and procedures, agreeing that UT could do a better job. This came after the University tried to publish this statement through the Texan, which the editor-in-chief refused. Many wanted the University to respond via a campus-wide email to ensure that all students were informed. Last Thursday, UT President Gregory Fenves sent an email to the entire student body about professor misconduct. Much work, however, is left to be done.

Continuing to employ professors who have violated sexual misconduct policy shows students that their comfort and well-being on campus is not a priority. 

In this forum, Plan II and psychology freshman Harley Gutierrez expresses her disappointment in UT’s lack of action following student protests and urges the University to better use its resources to protect students. 

Government senior Zachary Price shares students’ experiences with predatory faculty and urges UT to do better.

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