Tejas Club hosts students for brunch, exercise to support UT CMHC

Lawson Freeman

Despite the morning chill, students started their Sunday on the lawn of the Tejas Club with a pilates class and brunch. 

The event, called Brunch on the Lawn, is hosted each semester by the Tejas Club and the Texas Spirits, in partnership with the Texas Lassos and Texas Sweethearts. Tejas Club president Drew Curran said the money raised from the event benefits the Counseling and Mental Health Center, the organization’s philanthropy partner.

“Mental health is … an important issue that everyone wants to focus on and reduce the stigma of,” architecture senior Curran said. “(The event is based on) raising awareness and raising money, because there could always be more for resources for the counseling center.” 

This semester, the organizations added an outdoor pilates class with Austin-based athleisure brand Outdoor Voices to connect to the Tejas Club’s mission of raising awareness about mental health issues, said Victoria Bennett, service director for the Texas Spirits. 

“Because the brunch does benefit the Counseling and Mental Health Center, we wanted to incorporate things that have to do with mental health and mental wellness, and the way we thought about that was exercise,” said Bennett, a business and economics junior. “We really liked Outdoor Voices’ happy message … (of) exercise not just being physical wellness but also your mental wellness and health. … That goes hand in hand with our event.”

Tejas member Alexander Wang said he was hesitant to join in the pilates because he isn’t a morning person, but he enjoyed the exercise.

“It worked pretty well to bring more people together … people that normally wouldn’t come just for the food,” business junior Wang said. “It’s just sort of a wholesome event where everyone comes together … and then all the proceeds go toward a good cause. ” 

After the workout, attendees headed inside to grab breakfast tacos made by members of the Tejas Club. Some people ate inside the house while others reconvened on the lawn to listen to the band, which included a member of one of the hosting groups.

Finance sophomore Rocio Nairi Garza-Gomez said she enjoyed the event because participants got to meet new people.

“Everyone (came) together for a really good cause,” Garza said. “Next week is midterms, and it’s going to be crazy in that sense, but everyone’s just taking a break and having fun on a Sunday morning.”