Liveshot: Flipturn takes stage at Parish downtown

Mimi Calzada, Life & Arts Reporter

In dimly-lit, packed-to-the-brim Parish in downtown Austin, flipturn charmed the crowd with their unmatched energy and outstanding stage presence. A full floor and balcony danced and sang along to a 19-song set that encompassed everything from the band’s most popular hits like “Chicago” and “August” to fan-favorite deep cuts like “Space Cowboy” and “Six Below.” Juice from Brooklyn, New York opened, setting up a perfect atmosphere that primed the crowd perfectly with groovy hits like “Audrey Tell Me” and a faithful cover of “Kyoto” by Phoebe Bridgers. 

The five members of flipturn began their set by walking on to a dark stage to enthusiastic cheering from the crowd and immediately dove into the first track from their new debut album Shadowglow, “The Fall.” Lead singer and guitarist Dillon Basse’s voice sweetly crooned “I’ve been gone / The come up came on too strong / But I’ve been watching and holding on / To everything I want,” setting up a perfect tone for a night of singing, dancing and celebrating the rollercoaster of life. 

Creating a high point for the evening, drummer Devon VonBalson made his way into the crowd with one of his toms and cymbals, handing them off for audience members to hold while he gave a short solo reminiscent of Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots. Immediately after, guitarist and synth player Mitch Fountain began plucking the ever-recognizable riff for “Whales.” 

The band then transitioned seamlessly into “Six Below,” a song off their 2018 EP Citrona. As Basse sang the back half of the chorus, the entire audience clapped along to the rhythm of the song. Lead guitarist Tristan Duncan proceeded to take center stage and delivered a face-melting solo backed by flashing strobe lights and pounding bass while the audience jumped around right with him..

Flipturn ended their pre-encore set with the short but haunting “Burn,” that transitioned into the devastating “Weepy Woman,” ending with sorrowful lyricism that could bring anyone to tears. 

After a brief rest, the band heeded the crowd’s chants of “Encore!” and “One more song!” Bursting onto the stage once more, they jumped right into a killer duo ending of songs, “August,” and “Nickel.” For their penultimate song, flipturn heeded to the audiences enduring requests and transitioned to “August,” fading into an unrecognizable synth-heavy intro before the the unmistakable riff chimed in. The crowd’s energy bubbled increasingly throughout the night, hitting an all-time high whenever the chorus came around and Basse stepped away from the microphone, letting the crowd take over to shout in unison, “August, honey, you were mine!”