If you like boygenius, The Daily Texan recommends four artists to add to your playlist

Trisha Dasgupta, Senior Life & Arts Reporter

Formed in 2018 by Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, indie rock trio boygenius garnered critical acclaim with their self-titled debut EP, becoming the ninth highest-selling independent record following its release according to Billboard Magazine. Already individually successful, the three artists came together to create a devastating and beautiful EP that showcases each artist’s musical strengths — Dacus’s clear-toned voice, Bridgers’s emotional lyricism and Baker’s intricate guitar riffs.

Not easily replicated, the gritty lyricism and folk-inspired rock of boygenius elicits feelings of love, heartbreak and regret that few other musicians can evoke. As fans eagerly await the release of boygenius’s first full-length album The Record, The Daily Texan compiled a list of artists that come close to boygenius’s ethos while also bringing their own charm to the table.  

The Lumineers

Indie folk-rock band The Lumineers first hit the charts in 2012 with their hit “Ho Hey,” bringing a pared-down acoustic ballad that stood out amongst the polished pop that ruled the early 2010s. Storytellers at heart, the band spins tales of devotion and redemption over homey guitar riffs and a stunning lack of percussion. Their third studio album III explores similar themes of addiction and family struggles as boygenius tracks “Bite the Hand” and “Salt in the Wound.” Listening to The Lumineers makes a comforting experience any fan of boygenius’s emotional styles would appreciate. 

Big Thief

Established in 2015, Brooklyn indie alt-rock band Big Thief paints pictures of childhood and pulls at nostalgic heartstrings with an incredible discography laced with anguish and desire. Lead singer and guitarist Adrianne Lenker’s voice sounds like a memory, calling out to the past in songs like “Masterpiece” and “Paul.” Known for their poignant lyrics and punchy production, Big Thief’s music holds the same type of thoughtful magic as boygenius. Between their similar folk percussion and rock-adjacent guitar strings, any listener will find a likeness between Big Thief’s pensive tracks and boygenius songs “$20” and “True Blue.” 

Father John Misty

Despite his more bombastic production, alternative act Father John Misty’s absurdist melodies attempt to distract listeners from the authenticity and vulnerability of the singer-songwriter’s lyricism. With 2018’s God’s Favorite Customer, FJM proves himself as an introspective artist with no reservations in airing out dark moments, manic episodes, derealization or death set against mesmerizing indie rock production. Although unsettling at first listen, the artist’s candid nature bears a breathtaking presence, much like the confessional lyricism which makes  boygenius so beloved. 

The National 

Created in 1999 by Cincinnati-born musicians Matt Berninger, Aaron Dessner, Scott Devendorf and Bryan Devendorf, The National stands as one of indie’s finest rock bands, combining masterful production and songwriting rich with intense imagery. Berninger’s booming baritone croons over decadent tracks on albums like Trouble Will Find Me and High Violet. The band worked with Bridgers-collaborator Taylor Swift on her ninth studio album, Evermore. With Bridgers appearing on The National’s next album, First Two Pages of Frankenstein, The National’s impact on indie rock as a whole shows itself in boygenius’s production and songwriting.