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October 4, 2022

LARTS editor pauses movie to procrastinate on one last article

Emma George

When appointed LARTS editor in June, I felt entirely prepared to embark on my last stretch at the Texan. But as summer came to a close, a daunting dilemma lingered — what now? I’m still not sure, but I’ll probably take up some new hobbies — maybe I’ll try guitar? Or finally learn to use the sewing machine collecting dust in my garage?

Enjoying my last week in LARTS and looking forward to getting some rest before next semester starts, I’m slowly accepting the bittersweet change. 

Reya, last summer, we spent 80% most of our time on Zoom gossiping and talking about music. I miss that! But also, hanging out in person is way more fun. You’re one of the most loving, intelligent and tenacious people I know — you’re a Pisces, you can’t help it! I’m so excited to see everything you accomplish in the future, and I hope you update me every step of the way. 

Ryan, I’m always amazed by your ability to take on so many jobs at once and excel at all of them. I’m going to miss editing your reviews and recording Unscripted with you, but now that we both have the Alamo Drafthouse pass, I’ll definitely still be hearing your thoughts on everything. BTW, let’s schedule our “Saw” marathon! 

Aaron, your limitless creativity and passion constantly inspires me. I’ve missed having you in LARTS — who else is left to fill the basement’s ominous silence with operatic covers of Melodrama? Seriously, though, I can’t wait to see your talents as a writer, artist, editor, designer … (I could go on) … change the world. 

Darren, I’m so grateful we bonded over “Simulation Swarm” at last year’s LNOP and then spent last summer hopping on Zoom and talking about everything except the articles we were supposed to edit. I love you. Maybe this paper can make an appearance in your Little Library?

Goran, Lily and Katy — my forever friends. My soulmates. My girls. Now that I’m not reporting for the Texan anymore, I can finally interview y’all. Yay! I’m not sure for what yet, but I’ll find something good. Goran, many people mistook you for a reporter because you were always in the basement last fall, and I think that’s so funny. Lily and Katy, I’m sad you’ll never see the basement, but honestly, there really isn’t anything to see. It’s dim, gray and smells like old newspapers.

Rylee, spending the summer frequenting Barton Springs and unearthing your secret hot tub has been such a highlight of my year. If I went to LIU, I would definitely join the newspaper’s sports column so I could report on your meets.

Kamryn, thank you for being such a supportive managing editor. I first met you when we both worked Thursday night copy during my first semester. I remember being struck by your passion and commitment to the Texan, so it never surprised me to see you rise to managing editor two years later. 

Angela, your work ethic and creativity blow me away. I will forever cherish our shared experience of being turned away from the Saddest Factory Records SXSW showcase — at least we got to hear the “Silk Chiffon” soundcheck. Trisha, my ironic, absurdist post-modern indie sleaze princess, and Mimi, my Hot Ones conduit, you made this summer so much fun! I’m so excited to see what y’all do next. 

Mom, Dad and Dally, thank y’all so much for being supportive and believing that I can accomplish anything — even when it’s completely implausible, like getting a job at The New York Times right out of college. I love you so much!

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About the Contributor
Emma George, Comics Editor
Emma is currently a Spring 2023 Comics Editor. She is a junior civil engineering major whoe loves to draw, read, and visiting art museums. She has previously been a Comics sStaffer and Comics Senior Illustrator.