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October 4, 2022

ACL 2023 playlist: Latin artist edition

Ana Campos

As Latin music continues to weave its way to the top of music charts, it is no surprise that Austin City Limits represents this demographic with different Latin artists each year. A total of seven artists are performing this year despite Kali Uchis leaving the lineup, each with their own unique music style. Texan en Español highlights the Latin artists in this year’s ACL lineup, creating a playlist of diverse Latin music that infuses genres such as hip-hop and psychedelic rock.

No Me Quise Ir” by Ivan Cornejo

The regional Mexican artist is known for his Spanish ballad serenade songs, often mentioning the ups and downs of relationships. In “No Me Quise Ir,” Cornejo’s strained voice accompanies rapid guitar strings as he talks about the difficulties of leaving someone, putting many listeners in their feels.

“Menciones” by Eddie Zuko

Zuko can uplift the crowd in no time, delivering upbeat Latin hip-hop songs interchanging between English and Spanish. Mixing Latin guitar sounds and hip-hop beats, the Chicano artist delivers a carefree song brushing off negativity.

“Vámonos a Marte” by Kevin Kaarl

Whether you believe there’s life on Mars or not, this Spanish indie pop song will make you wish there was. In “Vámonos a Marte,” Kaarl expresses going to Mars with someone to be free from judgments in the world, and only being with that one person at the moment. 

“Window Seat” by Caramelo Haze

Caramelo Haze invites the listener onto an airplane window seat, staring into the clouds and their own reflection. The relaxing synth song questions when the plane will land, while also admiring the outside surroundings. This differs from the group’s other songs, which include more energetic psychedelic sounds featured in their electro neo-soul album, “Noestásaquí.

“Tangled Up in You” by The Altons

A blend of funk and blues, The Altons string their raspy voices along to perform a slow song that relates to being deeply enamored with someone. The Altons, a five-member group, just recently turned their music from rock to blues after welcoming singer Adriana Flores, who brings soul lyrics to life with the help of leader and singer Bryan Ponce, accompanied by the soft progression of bass, guitar, drums and percussion. 

“Quiero Llegar” by Nemegata

Nemegata is a local Austin band that mixes Latin vocals and psychedelic guitar with eerie synths, as shown in “Quiero Llegar.” This song follows the silence of someone being gone in your life, ending with a guitar show and the singers’ echoing voices. 

“Qué Dios Te Maldiga Mi Corazón” by The Mars Volta

The main duo brings psychedelic rock together with upbeat Latin salsa sounds in this track with similar songs included in their latest album “The Mars Volta.This breaks from their solid progressive rock songs from the past, introducing more instrumental variety and ranging tones, allowing the crowd to indulge in something new.

Editor’s note: This story was originally reported in Spanish. Check out more of our original Spanish reporting on our Texan en Español Reporting page.

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