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October 4, 2022

Public health student doesn’t want to be a doctor, takes a premature pay cut as a sportswriter instead

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I came to the University of Texas with intentions of working in the medical field. A hastily-done application changed that. 

The spring of my freshman year, I decided to apply for the Daily Texan sports department on a whim. Frankly, I was bored with my chemistry lab and needed to write something that wasn’t a lab report. 

I quickly fell in love with sportswriting once I got here. I loved the thrill of filing a gamer on deadline and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to folks for feature stories. I started focusing more on my Texan responsibilities instead of my STEM classes. I desperately wanted to figure out how to write a stronger game story, while chemistry homework became a chore. My priorities had shifted before I had even realized what happened. 

I know that jumping from pre-med to sportswriting isn’t exactly common and I’ll most likely be taking quite the pay cut in doing so. However, I love doing this. I really do. The passion and emotion in sports is on another level, and I love pushing myself to document these moments better. 

Even though I still have a semester left of school, the Daily Texan has led me to opportunities that I did not even think were possible for a student. I’ve covered six March Madness games, including an Elite Eight round. I interned at an awesome paper in my home state of Kentucky and at a national media outlet in Los Angeles. I even covered my first major golf tournament and interviewed Coach K, among many other amazing fortunes. 

Because of all of the wonderful things that I’ve been lucky enough to do, I have an infinite list of people to thank during my time here. 

Carter, thank you for hiring me in the first place. I would not be where I am today without that decision you made nearly three years ago. 

Nathan and Myah, thank you for showing me how to be a good leader and how to be my best self. I am so thankful that you guys still listen to my audio messages that could honestly be audiobooks at this point. Happy to call you both SJI family. 

Hannah and Emily, thank you for showing me what women supporting women looks like. I always knew that you had my back, even if you were not physically next to me. Love you both. 

Matthew and Mantra, thank you for all of the fun memories in the basement. There are too many Twitter-based laughs we had to recount them all. Forever grateful that I get to call you guys fellow Sickos and most importantly, friends. Let’s stink up another round at Butler Pitch and Putt soon. 

Morgan, Kevin, Breigh and Amelia, thank you guys for all the laughs. You guys brought so, so much joy to my last semester at the Texan. Thankful for all of our silly little jokes and dinner debates. 

Mia, Fiza and Shez, thank you for listening to my rants well after all of you left the Texan. I will be joining you in the Texan retirement home very soon and I know you will welcome me with open arms. (Washed) Daily Texan alumni intramural dodgeball squad? 

Matthew C. and Payne, thank you guys for such a fun tournament season. You guys are some of the funniest people that have come through this department and the best travel buddies I could ask for. We’ll always have Kansas City! 

Ross and Ethan, thank you guys for making my early days at the Texan so fun. I always admired your work and I have enjoyed watching you both succeed from afar. 

Jordan, Hunter, Evan, Lindsey, JT, Katie and Manny, thank you guys for all of the hard work you put in as my senior staffers. It’s been an honor watching you grow as writers and leaders, and I cannot wait to see what you do next. I’ll always be cheering you on. 

My Spring 2023 and Fall 2023 sports staff, thank you for the joy and energy you brought to this department. The honest effort and care you put into every story did not go unnoticed. My favorite part about being sports editor was watching all of you develop as writers. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Robbins, thank you for believing in my potential. I wouldn’t have taken myself seriously if you had not reached out to me in the first place. Your early validation played such a big role in my decision to take sports writing seriously. Eternally grateful for all of your guidance and support.

Peter, thank you for being our biggest advocate. I know how much you care about us and your support is undeniable. (Also happy to say that I no longer get nervous when I open a critique email!) 

Kiernan, thank you for being my best friend. Despite our initial Bid Day meeting, I truly believe that the Texan kept our friendship alive during that strange year. Thanks for always cheering me on, even if you did not know what I was writing about. (And thanks for laughing at all of the I Think You Should Leave sketches.) 

Mom and Dad, thank you for all of the support. I know it has not been an easy journey, but I will always appreciate your efforts in trying to understand what I love doing. Thank you for being patient with me. 

This semester has been a grind, but I am so grateful that I spent so much of my college years at the Texan. I truly can’t say this enough, but thanks. I am so lucky to have something that is so hard to leave.

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About the Contributor
Christina Huang, Sports Editor
Christina is a senior studying public health with a sports media minor. She is the former editor for Double Coverage, the Texan's college football insert. Christina previously covered men's basketball and women's soccer for the Texan. She has bylines in Yahoo Sports, the Dallas Morning News, the Lexington Herald-Leader and Dave Campbell's Texas Football. Christina currently covers Texas football and men's basketball for the Houston Chronicle.