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October 4, 2022

How to have an ‘academic comeback’ this semester

Amara Lopez

As students head back to campus, some may wonder how they can improve their grades and work ethic this semester. Some might suggest new study spaces or music to improve their focus. To help students seeking a comeback, The Daily Texan compiled a list of some of the best tips to improve study habits and student performance. 

Find a new study location

Getting in a new environment helps many students find a new focus and get out of the comfort of their bedrooms. Being so close to the bed might encourage students to go to sleep prematurely or lay in bed and scroll endlessly through social media. However, going outside to a new coffee shop or a library can help students maintain focus and get rid of distractions. 

Work with a group

Working with peers on class materials can help students focus and cover a myriad of subjects with different perspectives. Students working together can accomplish more by covering more modules and having a decreased likelihood of missing certain concepts. Additionally, it becomes easier to gain a better understanding of the topics in a review session if students bring different levels of expertise. 

Fuel the body

Getting enough food and sleep can be critical for developing healthy studying habits. Additionally, studies have shown that when students lack sleep or proper nutrition, their grades and attendance concurrently drop. One of the best ways students can maintain their grades and academic performance is by ensuring they get enough sleep and proper nutrition. 

Use noise canceling earbuds

One new technological development in study habits comes in the form of noise canceling earbuds. Oftentimes, distracting background noise while working or studying can be detrimental to focus, so using noise canceling earbuds allows for distraction-free task completion. Additionally, turning on lo-fi music or other study-oriented sounds can help students lock in without getting distracted by their surroundings. 

Turn the phone off 

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected due to social media and handheld devices, taking a break from cellular gadgets is perhaps the single most powerful way to remain focused and prevent procrastination. So many distractions come from cell phones, whether through text messages, social media notifications or dreaded Canvas announcements. Momentarily stepping away from devices not only allows students to unplug, but gives them the opportunity to study without the temptation of distractions. 

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