Backstreet's Back? Or just jealous?


Rumor has it that early 2000s pop sensation The Backstreet Boys are working on a documentary, you know, for all of those hours of frosted tipping you've always wanted to see. Not.

Director Steven Kijak is currently prepping to give you an insight into the lives (from childhood to the present) of the five boys who taught Everybody ... yeahh ... to rock your body. By selling more than 130 million albums during their brief but wildly popular careers, the boys have made it into the top 30 most selling musicians of all time.

Kijak promised the Hollywood Reporter that this documentary wouldn't just be some "3-D Boy Band puff piece," adding that "BSB is getting real and it has been exciting to work with them as they explore their past and start to look towards their futures."

Can we go ahead and make some assumptions here? Could this have something to do with, I don't know, a certain someone who played at the Grammys last night in a Suit and Tie and became, once again, a media darling?  A certain young man who also used to have a career in a weird five-some boy band with cargo shorts and frosted tips?

Yes, if there is anything certain about the futures that Backstreet is presumably "looking towards," it is that they will never, ever live up to the fame that Justin Timberlake has managed to consistently maintain over the last decade.

Cry me a River.