Best Tweets from the 2013 Emmy Awards


The Emmy Awards are like an awkward, often forgotten middle child when compared to the glamor of the Oscars or the Grammys.


Lucky for us, what the program lacks on television it makes up for on Twitter. Actors, musicians, comedians and viewers at home on their sofas contributed to the treasure trove of tweets that dominated the Internet during the awards show.


These are our five favorites.


Here's an awesome selfie of "Parks and Recreation"'s Aubrey Plaza with some sort of mystery man.



The members of indie rock band Best Coast were, like many others, very moved by this year's awards.



Lena Dunham, writer of  "Girls," continued to be just as shameless as ever.



Jenni Konner, also from "Girls," had her priorities straight.



Braden Graeber, social media celebrity and creator the "Hipster Mermaid" meme, spent the evening making high-brow jokes like this.