Are we over the Kardashians?


From the looks of it, America is done keeping up with the Kardashians.

On the heels of Tuesday’s announcement that Kris Jenner and her husband of 22 years, Bruce Jenner, have separated, the modern-day Brady bunch received news that could lead to the demise of their multi-million dollar empire.

Sunday’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” received 1.79 million viewers, the lowest in the show's eight-season history, according to Entertainment Tonight and a news report by Radar Online.

For loyal viewers of the reality show the Jenners' split comes as no surprise. For eight years we have seen the Kardashian matriarch treat her former Olympic champion husband with very little respect. In several episodes of the once popular reality show Kris Jenner goes behind Bruce Jenner's back and often leaves him out of major family decisions. A tell-tale sign of trouble ahead.

In the midst of the Jenner turmoil, the youngest Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian Odom, has been having marital troubles of her own.

After four years of marriage to NBA all-star Lamar Odom, multiple sources have confirmed to People magazine that a split for the couple seems “unavoidable.”

Odom, who was arrested for a DUI in August, recently revealed his troubles with substance abuse, a problem he has had for several years, according to People magazine.

The Clippers player completed a one-day stint in rehab and has kept a low public profile.

The NBA player violated NBA drug policies twice in 2001, and spoke of his marijuana use in 2003, People magazine said.

With the pressure of fame, a famous family and a career it seems like it is hard for the Kardashians to maintain strong relationships. In fact, the relationship with their home network E! might soon be coming to an end.

“When Kendra Wilkinson's show dropped below 1 million viewers they dropped it, so the Kardashian reality show is definitely in trouble,” the Radar Online article said.

While we continue to see new reports about their rocky romances and track the low viewer ratings, we have to wonder if America’s infatuation with the Kardashian clan is quickly crumbling.