NFL superfans declare their man: RG3


Talking about top jersey sales in an NFL Blog is like discussing the weather in a Michigan elevator: You do it because you can’t talk about Louisville.

Little intrigue surrounds the purchases that allows superfans to dress up as their gridiron hero, vicariously achieving the in-game experience. Yes few things can be said of the mustard-stained apparel that was meant for grass, but in a sport constantly critiqued and rewarded by “qualified” opinions, here the superfan gets their say.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III beat out Peyton Manning in the total number of jerseys sold in a recent press release.

Why does this matter?

Well, not only will there be more gimp-knee impressions than stiff-necks, the superfans have apparently declared RGIII their MPP, or most popular player.

Although the title was manufactured in the creation of this article, it has been held by a group of revered names over the past few years. Despite being slightly less prestigious than NFL MVP (and only slightly), the NFL MPP has been reflective of the best performance on the field, or just those who were the most flashy in doing so.

Here we add the rookie sensation out of Baylor to the list:

NFL MPP WINNERS (past five years)

2008​ - Tony Romo, Dallas​​​ (3,448 yards, 26 TD, 14 INT in 2008)

2009​ - Brett Favre, Minnesota​​ (4,202 yds, 33 TD, 7 INT in 2009)

2010​ - Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh (63 tackles, 7 INT, 1 TD in 2010)

2011​ - Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay​ (4,643 yds, 45 TD, 6 INT in 2011)

2012​ - Robert Griffin III, Washington​ (3,200 yds, 20 TD, 5 INT in 2012)

RGIII may hold his Rookie of the Year Award in higher regard, but as ROY he is alongside Cam Newton, Sam Bradford, Percy Harvin, and Matt Ryan. MPP correlates with the 2011 MVP and 2010 defensive player of the year, and each player produced similar or better results in the following season.

Maybe the superfans should get an AP vote.