Injuries never a good sign for NBA


Any NBA fan absolutely hates to see injuries plague the league. It gets even worse when the injury happens to a superstar.

We have already seen a devastating injury to Indiana Pacers’ star Paul George that will cause him to miss the entire season. Now reigning MVP Kevin Durant has suffered a Jones fracture on his right foot. This injury expects to sideline Durant for approximately 6-8 weeks.

A Jones fracture is a fracture to the middle of the fifth toe and one can only imagine the pain and severity of a fracture of this sort. Other NBA players have suffered this injury and their timetables have varied. C.J McCollum missed twelve weeks with this same injury without going through surgery, however all signs indicate Durant will have surgery. Brook Lopez had the surgery and required two months to recover. Jones fracture was Lopez’s first surgery, since then the big man has been one of the most injury plagued players in the league.

So here we have Kevin Durant who has only missed 16 total regular season games in his seven NBA seasons likely to miss a quarter of the season. Where does this leave the heavily favored Oklahoma City Thunder for the first 25 games?

Well they have All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook to create some offense and rising star Serge Ibaka. But honestly how can any team replace a reigning MVP? Durant was the guy OKC turned to when everything else broke loose on offense. Durant was the guy that could create a shot for not only himself but his teammates. All that pressure can be allocated to the rest of the team, but Russell Westbrook may take the initiative all by himself.

Westbrook is known to be a sort of “ball hog” when it comes to his shot selections. He takes ill advised shots, turns the ball over at a high rate, and is easily frustrated on the court. However, he can be one of the most prolific and athletic players in the entire league. So coach Scott Brooks has to find a way to find the balance to where Westbrook can efficiently sustain the Thunder’s offense.

In regards to the rest of the season, Thunder fans can only hope and pray that Durant’s injury is a one and done type of deal. Hopefully, after surgery, we never hear of another injury related to this Jones fracture. For now though, all we can do is pray Durant fully recovers and can return to his MVP caliber play.