Longhorn defense prepares for potent Baylor offense


Bedford excited to test defense against Baylor

Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford said Wednesday he has “no clue” how to contain No. 12 Baylor’s top-ranked scoring offense. But he’s still excited to test his defense against the Bears’ high-powered attack.

“I’m looking forward to it – I know that sounds crazy,” Bedford said. “If you don’t like a challenge, why would you want to play? I love playing the Baylors, TCUs and Oklahomas of the world. … It’s a great opportunity.”

Bedford said Baylor’s offensive success stems from its physicality. He emphasized the Bears’ reputation of an explosive air attack, which overshadows their efficient run game — No. 4 in yards per game.

“People say they’re a passing team, but they run the ball on everybody,” Bedford said. “Most people in this conference don’t do that – [it’s] a physical brand of football. And then they [can] throw it over your head too.”

Longhorns search for more big plays on defense

Texas ranks No. 24 in the nation in turnover margin, but Bedford believes the Longhorns must make more big plays to have a chance against Baylor. 

“Defense starts with big hits and takeaways, and we haven’t had many on the road,” Bedford said. “Whether it’s a quarterback sack, pressure, we get an interception or whatever that may be – we need to find a way to do those things.”

Bedford said big plays do more than just help the team in the short term. He emphasized that defenses can energize the team for the rest of the game with a turnover or big hit. The defense hopes to channel that energy with big plays on Saturday.

“When you play good defense you bring excitement to the team,” Bedford said. “When you get big hits and takeaways on defense I think the team gets excited [and] the fans get excited. We’re lacking in those areas at this time.”