A&M's Controversy and UT's Admissions Policy


In this week's podcast, Bobby Blanchard, Alexa Ura, Andrew Messamore and special guest Jordan Rudner talk about A&M's recent controversial "Religious Funding Exemption Bill" and a few state bills that would provide UT with a safety net should the Supreme Court rule in the favor of Abigail Fisher in the Fisher v. Texas court case.

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Andrew Messamore: Anti-slavery event Polaris covers human trafficking in Austin 
Jordan Rudner: Bill would look into restructuring sexual assault policies at Texas universities
Alexa Ura: UT research group uses math, simulations to analyze hurricanes
Bobby Blanchard: UT's irrigation system saves millions of gallons since last year
Jordan Rudner's "Headline of the Week": "FareWills, we're out the Thor​"