The matter is tabled


I haven’t been around the Texan all that long, but I get the sense that in the past all we had to do to get a tidal wave of tryouts at the start of a semester was to make sure the door to the basement was unlocked.

After all, having a key job at the Texan figure prominently on your resume was a pretty good entrée to the wild world of journalism, where the people who owned the presses seemed to print money along with papers.

We all know how that has changed, and so has the flow of tryouts through the doors of the Texan.

So we have to try different things to attract the interest of potential employees – and readers. Among them is the ancient art of “tabling,” which Texan staffers did Wednesday at the very popular “Party on the Plaza.”

Thanks to assistant Texas Student Media director Jalah Goette and her team, the Texan has a table at this TSM-sponsored event to help spread the word about the good work that we do.

I also want to thank Sports Editor Trey Scott, Photo Editor Andrew Torrey, Associate Photo Editor Ryan Edwards, Senior Photographer Thomas Allison Design Director Alexa Hart and Web Editor Gerald Rich for taking the time and making the effort to staff the table. It matters.