Have you seen The Globe today?


I try to share what I think are interesting developments in the media biz with you, my loyal readers.

Of course, I assume that you all go to the Romenesko site every day for all the latest news. And some of you know things before I do, BUT, I wanted to urge you to take a look at the new site launched by my old friends and colleagues at The Boston Globe.

It’s called bostonglobe.com, not to be confused with boston.com, the Globe’s site since 1995. The new site will have all of the Globe’s content, the old one won’t. The new site will have Web-only content that enhances Globe stories, the old one won’t. Both will have all the sports coverage of Boston teams, I believe.

The big difference is that, starting Oct. 1, access to the new site will cost you $4 a week (well, $3.99). It’s “free” if you happen to have a subscription of any kind to the print product.

If you have a minute, take a look around the new site and decide if you’d pay $200 a year to access it. The Globe, like every other media company around (including Texas Student Media, mothership of The Daily Texan), is trying to find ways to make more money on what it has to offer – information you won’t find anywhere else.

Will this work? Only time will tell. But I applaud the cutting-edge effort that went in to creating the new site. Media companies have to try everything in order to survive. Let me know what you think.