Fair Play


Among the splendors of the digital age, thievery has famously flourished under the euphemism “aggregation.” Stories are the loot, web traffic is the fence and you can’t even count on attribution, much less a link. In my short time here, The Daily Texan has been burned so often by one particular outlet that I’m considering an insurance policy (I won’t name names, but it rhymes with Puffington Host).

So my hat is off this week to Heather Kovar of the local ABC affiliate KVUE. After The Daily Texan published ace reporter Bobby Blanchard’s terrific piece on the UT Tower, “Grand Outside, Hollow Within,” KVUE followed up with a nearly three-minute segment on the evening broadcast. Ms. Kovar, who did her own original interviews, found her own angle and presented her own compelling story, had the class to open her report by interviewing Bobby on the air, crediting his open records work and even displaying a copy of the paper to her audience.

That’s how it’s done. Let’s send some web traffic back her way.