UT System Regent Wallace Hall failed to disclose several past lawsuits during application process


UT System Regent Wallace Hall Jr. failed to disclose his involvement in at least six past lawsuits in his December 2010 application to serve as a regent, according to documents obtained by The Texas Tribune.

Hall, who has been vocal about his desire for more transparent leadership at UT, did not list six state and federal lawsuits on his application and did not mention them during the 2011 nomination process. 

Michael Morton, Senate of College Councils president, said its “a little hypocritical” for Hall to demand transparency from the University while not disclosing his personal information.

“I think it’s another sign that we as students need to be continuously watching the actions of the regents,” Morton said. “It’s a little hypocritical of Hall to not disclose this information yet also be making all these data requests and be engaged in the micromanagement of the University. It’s a hypocritical action, and one I’m glad members of the legislature have already begun to speak out against.”

Hall has made several efforts to increase UT administration’s transparency in the last several months, making far-reaching requests for boxes worth of open records. At a recent hearing about the relationship between the UT School of Law and the Law School Foundation, Hall defended the board’s decision to continue an external review of the foundation by saying the System continues to receive documents not included in his initial open records request. 

System spokeswoman Jenny LaCoste-Caputo declined to make a statement on behalf of the Board of Regents and said all questions should be forwarded to Hall.