UT wide receiver Cayleb Jones has felony charge reduced to misdemeanor


UT wide receiver Cayleb Jones’ felony charge was dismissed and will be reduced to a misdemeanor to be tried by the county attorney according to Nick Valdez, an official at the District Attorney’s office.

Corby Holcomb, assistant director for the trial division at the County attorney’s office, said the county attorney will examine the case and decide whether to prosecute after the case is filed. As of now, the case has not been filed. Holcomb said “nothing will happen for a while.” 

According to police, Jones punched UT tennis player Joseph Swaysland on Feb. 22 outside a downtown nightclub after confronting Swaysland and UT volleyball player Katherine Bell. The blow fractured Swaysland’s jaw. Jones was charged with an an “aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury" on March 12 – a criminal offense punishable by up to 20 years in prison. 

Bell told police she had previously been in a relationship with Jones, who had threatened Swaysland before and was jealous of Bell seeing other men – specifically Swaysland. 

Rickey Durante Jones – Jones’s attorney – could not be reached for comment.