Alumni launch online campaign and video alleging Regent mismanagement


A group of prominent University donors and involved alumni have launched an online campaign criticizing the recent behavior of the UT System Board of Regents.

Alumni Charles Tate, Joe Jamail and Julius Glickman founded the campaign, entitled “Wake Up, Longhorns,” after two years of disturbing actions taken by the Regents, Glickman said. The campaign encourages concerned citizens to contact state representatives.

“So many of the recent acts [by the Regents] can be categorized as taking us from excellence into mediocrity,” Glickman said. “That’s what this is really about.” 

Glickman cited pressure from the board to increase enrollment while refusing a request to raise tuition as just one of several examples of mismanagement. 

Jamail, Tate and Glickman are all members of the Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education, an organization formed to “promote excellence, accountability and progress” in the state’s universities. Tate and Glickman also sit on the coalition’s executive committee. Jenifer Sarver, a spokeswoman for the coalition, said the two organizations have similar goals but are not connected. 

“Concerns over the micromanagement of the University by the board are a shared concern,” Sarver said.