Perry limiting special session agenda, not adding TRBs


Governor Rick Perry said Thursday no new items will be added to the special session agenda, according to the Texas Tribune.

The Tribune reported that Perry told reporters at the capitol there was not enough time to extend the current agenda, although items were added earlier in the week. This would presumably mean legislators would not get a chance to compromise on tuition revenue bonds, construction funding from the state for higher education institutions in Texas.

UT was hoping to receive a $95 million tuition revenue bond for it’s new Engineering Education and Research Center. The total construction project is anticipated to cost more than $300 million, and the school was hoping tuition revenue bonds would cover part of that.

UT is just one of many schools that was asking for money. A failed bill from the Senate in the regular session would have dished out $2.4 million.

Already added to the special session were transportation funding, abortion restrictions and juvenile criminal sentencing.

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