The Morning Texan: Clouds, rain, international tuition and more


According to the National Weather Service, there is a 20 percent chance of rain all day Friday and Saturday. The National Weather Service is predicting Friday will be overcast.

Here is some morning reading: 

Yesterday's most read story online: The Westboro Baptist Church visited Austin on Wednesday to protest the Capitol, the University and Camp Mabry. They were met by a group of students who were counter-protesting the protest. 

What you have to read: Along with rising tuition, international students face many challenges at UT. These students make up just three percent of entering classes, making the application process competitive for international students. And when they make it to UT, many students are worried about finding jobs after graduation.

In case you missed it: It looks like tuition revnue bonds will not be added to the legislature's special session's agenda. Rick Perry said there was no time to add anything else, so UT may not be getting any state funding for it's new engineering building.