How to get a lifetime swim pass to Austin's Barton Springs


At Thursday's City Council Meeting, the council approved a request from the Austin Parks and Recreation department to issue a Barton Springs lifetime swim pass to Austinite Nancy McMeans Richey. 

Yes — it turns out there is a way to get a lifetime pass to the pool and avoid the $3 entry fee. But it won't be so easy for college students to get this pass. In order to apply for a pass, an Austinite must be at least 80 years old.

Tom Nelson, a division manager in the Austin Parks and Recreations department, said the application process for this pass is pretty simple. Interested swimmers need only submit a drivers license and some history about their use of the Barton Springs. 

Nelson said the Austin City Council has been issuing these lifetime passes since at least the 1980s. Counting the pass that was givent to Richet, 32 passes have been granted in the past 42 years.