Former UT Law School dean hints at legal action in statement


In a statement to the Texas Tribune, former UT Law School dean and current law professor Lawrence Sager hinted at taking legal action against UT System Regent Wallace Hall.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Texas Tribune published an interview with Hall that stemmed from a current unpassed house resolution that would begin impeachment proceedings against Hall. The interview focused primairly on the possible impeachment, but Hall touched on a 2011 controversy where UT's Law School Dean resigned.

"Almost immediately after the board was told of [University of Texas at Austin School of Law] Dean [Larry] Sager's half a million dollar concealed and unauthorized grant to himself, President Powers gave a statement to the press saying that "nothing illegal or improper" had taken place," Hall said in the interview to the Texas Tribune.

Later in the day, the Texas Tribune published a statement from Sager, who said Hall made several "false and defamatory remarks regarding my actions."

"In the interview, Mr. Hall said that I concealed an unauthorized grant to myself. Both assertions are demonstrably false," Sager said in his statement to the Texas Tribune. "It is hard not to conclude that Mr. Hall has willfully and maliciously misstated these facts to serve some end other than the truth.  His remarks are baldly defamatory and cannot go unchallenged.  Legal action may be the only effective resort."

The Daily Texan has reached out to Sager, but he has not responded yet for comment.