The Morning Texan: Abortion legislation at final stage


The temperature in Austin is staying high. According to the National Weather Service, Friday's high is expected to be 101 degrees. This weekend will remain much the same, although there is a chance of thunderstorms Sunday night.

Today at 2 p.m., the Senate will convene to debate abortion legislation. If they pass the bill, as they are expected to do, it will head to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Here is some morning reading:

Yesterday's most read story online: UT student Varun Bhatnagar survived Asiana Flight 214 and the plane's crash landing. Check out his story. 

What you have to read: While a presentation from MyEdu’s executives to the UT System’s Board of Regents elicited a positive response from the Regents on Thursday, some UT students are not pleased with the changes in MyEdu and the direction the company has taken since the system invested $10 million in 2011.

In case you missed it: UT is in talks with Masik Collegiate Fragrances to develop a school scent specifically designed for UT that could be released by the end of this year.