The Morning Texan: More rain, Ramadan and more


According to the National Weather Service, Central Texas is in for more rain today. There is a 60 percent chance of rain today, and it is expected to rain for the rest of the week. The weather may finally clear up Friday.

Here is some morning reading:

Yesterday's most read story online: Ramadan started last week, and many students are visiting the Nueces Mosque, the oldest mosque in the city of Austin, which provides free food to Muslims and non-Muslims alike who come on the days of Ramadan.

In case you missed it: The University of Texas has roughly 4,700 trees on campus that are tended to by a team of six people, who help the trees combat the drought, construction damages and squirrels. UT’s Facilities Services department is working on cataloging the trees on campus this summer to better understand how to care for them and learn more about their history.

What you have to read: State legislators took a step closer to possibly impeaching UT System Regent Wallace Hall at a public hearing Monday, examining what precedents are at hand for the impeachment of appointed state officials.