Flash floods warnings in effect until tomorrow afternoon


After several days of promised showers, a storm hit Austin on Friday afternoon, causing the National Weather Service to release a Flash Flood Warning that will be in effect until 4:30 p.m. The Flash Flood Watch will continue until early tomorrow morning.         

According to the National Weather Service, Austin is expected to receive an average of two to four inches of rainfall, with varying severity in different areas. In the hour following the start of the storm, some areas have already received over two inches.

Paul Yura, the weather service spokesman for the Austin and San Antonio areas, said the heavy rain will not make a dent in the multi-year drought that has been plaguing Texas.

"Unfortunately there's not enough rain for it to be a drought buster or anything else like that," Yura said. "They did have some pretty decent rains up above the lakes, but Lake Travis is not all of the sudden going to be full by tomorrow morning. It's good rain, but we need multiple events like this to even start making a really good dent in the lack of rainfall for the past few years."