Wife of Larry Jackson is suing the City of Austin


Kirsten Jackson, the wife of Larry Eugene Jackson Jr., who was shot and killed by former Austin police detective Charles Kleinert in 2013, is suing the City of Austin for $250,000, according to the Austin American-Statesman.
In Jackson’s lawsuit filed Tuesday, she says Kleinert acted negligently when he shot her husband in July 2013. Kleinert, who still faces charges of manslaughter, said in a released statement that his gun accidentally discharged when he tried to subdue Larry Jackson.
Aside from her own case, Kirsten Jackson and her husband’s parents are part of a federal lawsuit claiming Larry Jackson’s civil rights were violated.
The 32 year-old Larry Jackson visited the Benchmark Bank on West 35th Street on July 26, 2013, the same day the bank was robbed. Police said Jackson attempted to open the banks doors after staff and officers locked them to discuss the robbery. Jackson attempted to open the door again and the bank manager approached at this point. 
Sheila Bostick, a bank employee, said in her testimony that Jackson tried to use the name of a well-known bank customer to withdraw money from the account.
Kleinert began questioning him until Jackson left on foot. Kleinert pursued Jackson and at one point commandeered a car. The two men engaged in a struggle and ended with Jackson dead after a bullet to the head.