Recent UT graduate reportedly found dead in Acapulco, Mexico


This article has been updated with our own translation of the Mexican news article.

Recent UT radio-television-film graduate Marcelo Flores was found dead this morning in Acapulco, Mexico, according to Zocalo Saltillo.

Twenty-three-year-old Flores went missing in Acapulco, Mexico, yesterday around 1 p.m. GMT. He was on vacation with family. Relatives reported seeing him last around the Hospital Farallón.

Family and friends began the search on social media with the hashtag #encuentramars. A woman who identified herself as Flores’ sister on Facebook shared a photo of him yesterday afternoon.

The hashtag #encuentramars is trending in Austin on Twitter, more than 50 tweets since yesterday. Flores’ friends from organizations such as Texas 4000 and Texas Blazers shared the hashtag, urging friends and followers to share the hashtag and help the search gain exposure.

The article in Enlish is as follows:

"Marcelo Flores, 23, of Eagle Pass, Texas was found dead this morning [July 15, 2015] in Acapulco, according to his family.

"Flores disappeared yesterday [July 14, 2015] at about 1 p.m. according to a police report filed by the family and he was searched by the federal police, the Acapulco police and the state prosecution office.

"The victim enjoyed vacations with his brothers Francisco and Robbie after having graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Due to work related issues, Marcelo’s brothers decided to return to the border of Coahuila and Texas, but he decided to stay in Acapulco with other family members.

"It wasn’t detailed if Marcelo had injuries, but it was confirmed that his body was found near Farallon avenue where he had disappeared."